“This is low, even for you Fox News.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 4, 2011
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Mr. Rogers? E-vil.

Wait…aren’t Republicans all about the strength of the individual? Shouldn’t we pay attention to that, build it up from a young age?

This is the ultimate, and ridiculous result of what happens when you’ve got too many hours to fill and not enough people to hate.

Next up! Jesus was Un-American, Socialist.



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14 Responses to ““This is low, even for you Fox News.””

  1. leah323 says:

    Woww that was ignorant. Every time I see fox news I watch in disbelief, that there are enough misguided people out there to keep them on air. It’s very sad. thanks for sharing 🙂 I <3 Mr. Rogers

  2. Mary says:

    Just can't even find the words to express how ridiculous this clip is!

  3. ARCreated says:

    of for heaven's s sake really??? really???? just shoot me…

  4. Gaye says:

    As part of the first generation of Mr. Rogers’ kids, ( born 1966 ) we certainly don’t have that problem. There is a lot more at play here like parents.

  5. Holly F says:

    Just to make everyone feel better:

    I trust Koko a lot more than Fox News as a good judge of character.

  6. I remember once, years ago, seeing an interview with Fred Rogers on a talk show, talking to adults, and being blown away by how totally right on he was.

    So, that said, guess the only thing I'm surprised about is how long it took for FOX to decide he's evil…

  7. elephantjournal says:

    Evone Monteith OMG – I sure hope in my next lifetime that I'm not born to parents stupid enough to watch FOX!!!!

    Krista Overly Wow, that's grasping, and low. Sounds like another dig at PBS, too.

    Hobie Anthony No reason to think back on the growing pressures on the american family due to growing economic inequality, fueled in large part by republicans. That pressure fractured millions of households and created latchkey kids raised not on Mr Rogers, but on hyperkinetic televised garbage, sugary snacks, and microwaved meals. Now they're demand more instant-gratification – go figure.

    Scott Hales they're getting ready to cut funding to PBS, no doubt about it.. pony up and pay for your favorite local PBS subscription!

    Jennie Spark Fox, what a huge pile of steaming crap. Talk about small minds! Yes, Jersey Shore, Kim Kardashian, The Real Wives of Wherever, non stop texting, these will produce a generation of geniuses.

    Peter Davio Fox can go get bent.

    Stacey Voigt Lowe ha ha "Fox" and "low" in the same sentence? No way? It is very scary that some people beleive that is news . . .

    Mary M The generation exposed to the rubbish on Fox news is the one we should fear for.

    Gail Holland If he'd said, "You're just like everyone else" they would have said he was a communist. FYI Fox News – this generation has no idea of who Mr Rogers is, everyone on Mr Roger's Neighborhood had a job and worked for a living, and the show was about personal relationships and kindness. The man was a minister for petes sake!

    Roz Lynn Dorf Not Mr. Rogers. . . .

    Andrew Spark Even the Fox nincompoops weren't exactly buying into the study. Anyways, I always did like that scale model in the picture.

    Andrew Spark Oh, and its a beautiful day in my neighborhood. I'm sure there's plenty of unbelievable dysfunction – I conservatively that a quarter of the people in my condo complex are addicted to pain pills – but its very nice outside. 🙂

    Lisa Kean It's called unconditional love. What? Kids have to earn our love? C'mon now. Thank you Fred Rogers.

    Rick Gilbert Giving children a sense of basic goodness and self worth actually prevents a sense of entitlement and the belief the world owes you something. They have it backwards. Telling a child a different message fosters a belief of "if I only had x my life would be happier.". His message had nothing to do with grades, trophies, or stuff-it was far more fundamental. Gentleness and basic goodness are bad for ratings apparently.

  8. Vic Boyer says:

    I can't belive this crap! Who are we going to blame for the next generation's problem, Barney? I can't believe how a professor of a college would even come up with something like this and how Fox news actually went along with it. This is pure ignorance.

  9. Scolopendra says:

    It’s like someone just walked up and punched Santa Claus in the face, except Santa Claus isn’t or wasn’t a flesh-and-blood honest-to-God _nice_person_.

    Fox News is no longer allowed to use the word “evil” editorially. It’s obvious that almost no one who works there know what the word actually means.

  10. sarasvati3 says:

    "Everybody's gotta wear a sweater…" LOL That line killed me!!! I can't possibly take Fox news or this kind of news story seriously so I'm just laughing. Funny that they seem to have forgotten (even though Fox news people claim good Christian values) that Jesus also told us that everyone is special. What did the blind man or the leper offer or contribute to society? Nada…and yet, we were taught in Sunday school that they were given God's love and grace just as much if not more than the rich man. The right wing Christians accuse us liberals of picking and choosing through the bible but they do it JUST as much. Crazy Fox News…

  11. Luke says:

    If Fox News is convincing people on politics, it could have the resources to stay on the air even if it were not profitable. So… yikes.

  12. cesar says:

    All of you are perfect just as you are and you could use a little improvement. – Mr. Roshi (Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi)