Turkeyless Holiday Menu Planner.

Via Carolyn Scott
on Nov 22, 2011
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Ready. Set. Go!

The holidays are here and Thanksgiving weekend kicks off over a month of festivities, cooking eating and gathering with friends and family. There’s a lot to consider this holiday when it comes to putting together a feast as well as all that comes with the weekend (i.e. cleaning, hosting house guests, cooking, black Friday shopping, cleaning again, etc.)

But while we can’t help you with your house guests, clean your kitchen or fight holiday shopping mobs for you, we can offer you an easy plan for cooking up your Thanksgiving feast as well as what to do with those mountains of leftovers! Here we go!

Thanksgiving Eve

Eat light because you don’t want to get a head start on gorging! You’ll have plenty of time to do that all 4 day weekend long!

Thanksgiving Day

Let the feast begin!

Black Friday

You need your energy to fight the crowds, so start your day with a superfood smoothie along with a Pumpkin-ana Flax Muffin. Pack leftovers for a lunch break so you don’t have to deal with food courts an crappy fast food!

Saturday & Sunday

Get creative with your leftovers and brunch it up!

Make time to work out, monitor portion control and enjoy your holiday!!!




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