20 Reasons I won’t Vote for Ron Paul.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 14, 2011
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Update: we just published not one, but two lists of reasons to vote for Dr. Paul. Let’s hear it for learning together, and respectful debate! ~ Waylon, ed.

I like Ron Paul.

A lot. He has integrity, consistency (not always a good thing—views can and should evolve, open-mindedness is a virtue, too), his values are clear. He’s pro-Wikileaks, pro-OWS, pro-legalization, anti-war, anti-SOPA, and anti-fascist state BS.

Here’s everything we’ve blogged up about him, lately (we give him a lot of love on elephant).

But I won’t vote for him. Why? Easy:

1. He’s anti-gay marriage (supports DOMA)

2. He’s a young earth creationist

3. He’s a climate change denier

4. He believes that America, founded on principles of freedom of worship by many less-than-Christian framers, is a Christian country.

5. Worse, he believes that separation of church and state is a myth

6. He is against net neutrality (you know, liberty online)

7. He believes the civil rights act had a negative impact on the country

8. His stance on safety-nets (none, please)

9. His stance on student aid (do away with it)

10. His stance on health care (including Medicare, Medicaid)

11. His stance on abortion (goodbye, Roe v. Wade)

12. He would shutter the EPA (goodbye environmental health regulations, hello toxic daily life for our children)

13. His stance on Social Security (a hindrance to freedom)

14. His stance on taxes on the super-rich (no, thank you)

15. His stance on financial regulations (none, please)

16. His lack of support for renewable energy

17. He would close the Department of Education

18. He wouldn’t be able to bring the troops home: “Closing bases and withdrawing troops is an expensive process, and the DoD isn’t going to get very far if Congress forbids them from spending any money on it. It’s the exact same problem that prevented Obama from closing Guantanamo Bay.”

19. He signed the Pro-Life Presidential pledge, which includes a vow to only nominate pro-life judges to the Court. Generally, serious presidential candidates should refuse to sign all pledges, since they remove the rights of citizens in a democracy to see their wishes represented, and make their reps beholden to outside interests.

20. Given his ground game, he’d be tough for President Obama to beat. A lot of liberals, including myself, would be tempted to vote Paul. I’d rather Obama get to bat around damaged-goods Newt or wooden-1%er Mitt.

Still, with the exception of Jon Huntsman, he’s the best—by far—of the rest of the GOP field.


PS: did I forget a reason not to vote for Ron Paul? Add in comments? Did I forget a reason we like Ron Paul? Add it in comments. Did I get any facts wrong? Let me know. I know this is politics, but we can do all this respectfully. If you can’t, read this. Disrespect will be deleted.




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140 Responses to “20 Reasons I won’t Vote for Ron Paul.”

  1. guest says:

    "Ron Paul is against bombs and bailouts and incarceration of millions of Americans for victimless crimes. Don’t those three things trump everything on this list by a country mile"

    no they don't. he is a nutjob. This article basically explains it. He is crazy. Anti-women, anti-science, anti-social security.

  2. what says:

    really? he is a doctor yet a young earther. WTH. And "pro-life" is not really pro-life. it kills women. because making abortion illegal does not prevent abortion. it forces underprivileged women to have abortions in back alleys.

  3. guest says:

    that is a sad homophobic misogyny statement.

  4. __MikeG__ says:

    New earth creationism is just pseudo science generated by people who willfully ignore facts because those facts interfere with their magical thinking. All that is need to irrefutable disprove this joke is the existence of one single fossil. Pick a fossil, any fossil. There is absolutely no real science to support this fantasy. Plenty of pseudo science, yes. Real science. No.

  5. Harold P. Donle says:

    Gary Johnson former Governor of New Mexico is magnitudes better than Ron paul without any of the baggage Paul carries (racism, anti-choice, etc.)

  6. Dylan Clay says:

    I like you!

    Also, all of the candidates have ideas of their own but it doesn't mean they will actually get them perpetuated. I voted Obama and he hasn't done anything he has said he would do to earn my vote. Patriot Act, still around, Guantanamo… still there. troops , still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bailing out many PRIVATE corporations with the promise that we( the tax payers) would pay it off. Church and state bothers me and the pro -choice issues bother me too, but not as bad as the FED, the military industrial congressional complex, and ultra greedy corporations bother me. I weigh it out. Ron gets my vote

  7. Paul Braxton Hicks says:

    ‎#1-it should be up to the church, not the State
    #2-He’s a young earth creationist (I don’t even know what that is)
    #3-he does not believe man is it’s main cause
    #4-our laws are based on the Bible
    #5-refer to #4
    #6-lie, he’s willing to listen to both sides of the argument before making a final decision.
    #7-well, he is correct in a way…it forced the issue instead of taking baby steps…I went to the “Remember the Titans” school.
    #8-no clue what that even is…I like self-responsibly
    #9-if the government gets it’s greedy hands out of it, higher education will become affordable
    #10-His stance on health care (including Medicare, Medicaid)????
    #11-totally incorrect, States Rights again…not the FEDS place
    #12-(goodbye, Roe v. Wade) incorrect again, see #11
    #13-(a hindrance to freedom)-true…you and only you should control your money and your future
    #14-I not sure he is on the wrong side at all-that is my own opinion
    #15-regulation has impeded our economy for years
    #16-support comes from private industry, not government
    #17-one of my favorites—the DoE has never educated a single person
    #19-anyone that believe R.vs.W. will ever come up again has their head up their ass
    #20-well, he says it himself, he can, and will beat Obama.

  8. Paul Braxton Hicks says:

    ‎…okay, let's just assume Ron Paul is a racist, and he hates 25% of the population… Fine…! …most democRats and republiCants either hate 100% of the populace, or like them, as I like a cow thinking of steak in my plate…
    …and the current politicos not only hate the American people here (they just raped everyone financially, and the MSM continues to look the other way)
    …they also hate people all around the world… well, maybe not… …they still like people from the military industry complex.

  9. Paul Braxton Hicks says:

    …okay, let's just assume Ron Paul is a racist, and he hates 25% of the population… Fine…! …most democRats and republiCants either hate 100% of the populace, or like them, as I like a cow thinking of steak in my plate…
    …and the current politicos not only hate the American people here (they just raped everyone financially, and the MSM continues to look the other way)
    …they also hate people all around the world… well, maybe not… …they still like people from the military industry complex.

  10. EBlue says:

    I feel weird that I agree with most of these bullets!!!

    A LOT of scientists who are NOT Christians will tell you that climate change is extremely exaggerated and part of an agenda.

  11. ARCreated says:

    I'm still on the fence with RP he's still the closest I see to anything at all like I believe. It ain't perfect but nothing is. As a right swinging left leaning liberal conservative it is hard to find a candidate at all. I think I'd rather see the things he stands for I agree with fly than kill them for the things I don't agree with and work towards fighting some of that.

    It's hard for me to argue against less government. And what I have seen of Obama's admin makes me want to run screaming from that party more than ever. Maybe if instead of fighting this big giant federal monster we all could concentrate on the states we live we would have a better chance of enacting real change. Maybe if people moved to the states that had the laws they loved it would give states incentives to enact those laws. It's a thought anyway. sometimes I think we have just gotten to big and it's too impersonal and too hard to move this rust bucket in a new direction, so let's cut it down to size and grass roots the hell out of it.

  12. ARCreated says:

    that's OK I prefer not to be labeled anything at all even "liberal" so since I have been tempted by Paul as a candidate I no longer have to worry about that label…whew 🙂 thanks for clearing that up!! LOL

  13. ARCreated says:

    so are you for or against RP??? 🙂 I LOVE what you said in POINT 3 exactly !!!
    3) For several of your points, you should remember the Ringo Starr truism: "Everything the government touches turns to shit." For instance, rejecting the department of education is not to reject education; it is to reject the centralization of decision making in education. This centralization has been empirically disastrous, and has helped to inculcate an environment where education is a kind of internship to being a prison inmate. Education should flow from the community up, not the other way around. Ditto many, many other things.

  14. ARCreated says:

    we have absolute and total control over corporations…don't buy their shit unless they follow certain guidelines. done.

  15. ARCreated says:

    no WE need to step in and ensure everyone is treated fairly…businesses not run fairly – don't shop their. We have given our power away and we have come to the conclusion that people are stupid and evil and greedy. I think maybe i have a different view.

  16. ARCreated says:

    seriously — pot this is the kettle…. give me some reasons. I'm a fence sitter and this doesn't help at all.

  17. ARCreated says:

    what a load of CRAP being an agist is silly. My father is 81 years old and smarter than most people I have met ever and still gets up at the crack of dawn and mows his freakin' lawn. their is something to be said for experience and wisdom. might as well tell me not to vote for him 'cause he doesn't look good on tv.

    I am still VERY undecided but age will not be the reason, just like bachmann's eyes will not sway me or palin's legs, or romney's hair…. age and looks mean NOTHING.

  18. ARCreated says:

    PS maybe if instead of letting the government regulating everything we were actually educated responsible citizens and consumers we could control corporations by how we spend and invest and then corps couldn't get the government to screw us. Want us to buy your shit? then by god you better be nice to your people and the environment.

    I am a naive dreamer though that actually believes people could be good and thoughtful if given the chance and a reason to be.

  19. Lynn Chase says:

    My take on Ron Paul being Pro life. He is pro life but he also would not impose the government on the current laws on the books. So even though he is pro life he also against government interference so pro choicers really shouldn't worry that Ron Paul will take up a cause for over turning Roe vs Wade! At least with Ron Paul we know where he stands and franky they all say they are pro choice! At least with Ron Paul we know he won't go out of his way to change laws like a Santorum or Romney might. Obama who knows? He pretty much does the opposite of whatever he says.

  20. Cthulhu says:

    No. Because those things don't outweigh the damage he'd do.

  21. Cthulhu says:

    Right…so his saying that he admires MLK while refusing to support MLK day and calling it "Hate Whitey Day" were accidents?

  22. Cthulhu says:

    With all due respect, but how on earth can you think he's "Awesome" when he's the darling poster boy for the Birchers and the KKK? Storm front LOVES Ron Paul. How big of a warning signal do you need?

  23. You forgot he's pro-nuclear!!! For a man who has delivered 4000 babies, to not be conscious of the long term effects of low level doses of ionizing radiation on the genome is puzzling.

  24. fk obomba says:

    bunch of bullshit spin doctor con artist that have no clue about ron pauls policies, and prob are down with Obombas… dont have the time, ut i will give u an example of the idiot ignorant ….17. He would close the Department of Education. Not true !! he would eliminated the FEDERAL grip on education, and letting it going back to state school system.. how it used to be!!

  25. Anna says:

    Hear! Hear! Well said!

  26. tony the pitiful copywriter says:

    You left the part out about how he’s crazy.

    Sure, I’d love to smoke pot, not pay taxes, keep my woman pregnant. But what good would that do without any roads? That’s right, Ron Paul thinks President Eisenhower’s Interstate System is unconstitutional. Is it only because Roosevelt started it?

    While we’re on the topic, can any of you libertarians out there show me a single nation-state on planet earth that thoroughly embraces libertarian principles?

    I’ll be in the bar.

  27. CelticPatriot says:

    Bingo! You got it. Someone else is thinking here.

  28. CelticPatriot says:

    He's for free markets. He would get the government out of the way so companies can develop science, technology, and innovation. He's for providing your freedom to do so.

  29. CelticPatriot says:

    You rock, tentcityhall. Thanks for all of the work you did in response to this discussion. Very intelligent.

  30. CelticPatriot says:

    And who are you voting for, Sir? The impostor who is bankrupting this country and is systematically turning it's people in to slaves?

  31. CelticPatriot says:

    Anna, your think is very weak and dangerous. You are one of the people who will cause us to lose our freedom. You're following like a sheep.

  32. CelticPatriot says:

    Carter common, now. Come back when you have some facts.

  33. CelticPatriot says:

    Excellent point.

  34. CelticPatriot says:

    No, not end of story. You provide evidence of that. Post several reliable links that prove it.

  35. MYG says:

    Here is a clip of his interview on Piers Morgan, and if you scroll to about 2-3 minutes in, you'll see that he claims to change his mind and develop his views.

  36. […] a Ron Paul fan and friend of mine insulted Obama in regards to his “evolution” on gay rights (last […]

  37. bflatbrad says:

    because you can vote for Ron Paul or Waylon Lewis, but you can't vote for both.

  38. Jessi says:

    There are several items on this link-free list that are just not true. There's no links to the facts here at all. Just another opinionated list.

  39. Jessi says:

    Obama has taken money from Goldman/Sachs. It's already been proven that he is not a racist, besides, you CA'tT be a racist and be a Libertarian at the same tme. It's impossible.

  40. Jessi says:

    I'd love to see the proof, that is an actual link to him saying this.

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