A Love Letter to Humanity. ~ Jennifer Bowen

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on Dec 24, 2011
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“Perhaps everything terrible is, in it’s deepest being, something that needs our love.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Dear Humanity,

I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I just want to say thanks. I think you are awesome and I feel the need to let you know how much I appreciate you.

Humanity, I know that you often get a bad rap. Sometimes people say that you are mean, greedy and even insane. People sometimes think that you, Humanity, are our enemy. But I disagree. Because Humanity, we are you. All of us. And I believe that even though most people understand that all of humanity is interconnected, we often forget that that connection can really never be broken whether by violence, theft or hatred.

We say that the mean ones, the greedy ones, the insane ones are somehow different from us and therefore are not us. That sounds suspiciously the same as “us” being disconnected from “them”. And it seems to me that in differentiating between us and them, we create an impermeable barrier against growing together.

Humanity, you do so many things to amaze me. When I spend time with you I cannot believe how beautiful, talented, wise, generous and loving you are. I love what you are capable of. You sing songs, make babies and create art. You dance, you laugh, you cry. You love.


Everyday, while some people stew sadly in resentment toward you, others watch you play at manifesting beauty in the world. Beauty that, though sometimes inspired by nature, can only be created by humans. And often it is your own self that inspires. It is your own children, friends, family, partners, lovers, gurus and teachers who move you.

You are the phenomenon of art, dance, literature, poetry and gastronome (yes, I am throwing around fancy words to impress you). You recognize suffering and move toward those in pain to offer soothing words, an embrace, material needs.

Wow. Seriously, wow. Also, can I just mention how awesome it is that you know how to make up cool stuff such as: sidewalk chalk, bubbles, chicken tacos, Hello Kitty, bikes, Peanut M&M’s, modern plumbing, sledding, jokes, coffee, digital technology, etc, etc,..I seriously better not even get started on the cool stuff.

When I think of you in the context of a growing child, I remember that you are doing the best you can with what you know and have at any given moment in time. We all are. I feel tenderness toward you. You are very literally only doing what you have been conditioned to do. On top of it you’re trying pretty hard to undo a lot of that conditioning, following your intuition and your heart and making the world better.

I want you to know, Humanity, that I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so glad that you are who you are. I embrace and support you so that we can both be better in the world. I am both proud and humble to be one of you. Yeah, this is me saying thanks. You are comprised of a pretty rad bunch of people Humanity. I love you.

Warmly, Jennifer


Jennifer Bowen is a California native raised in San Diego. In 2006, Jennifer discovered yoga through a dear friend who became her first yoga teacher. In learning to practice breathe, observation, and awareness, Jennifer discovered a path of empowerment and potential for awakening. She primarily studies with Richard Freeman and continues to explore what yoga means to others through various talented and insightful teachers.

Jennifer is a yoga teacher, former yoga studio owner, long time locavore and professional chef. After residing in Yosemite National Park for fifteen years, Jennifer relocated to Boulder because the yoga is good and the people are great.


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22 Responses to “A Love Letter to Humanity. ~ Jennifer Bowen”

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my post! What do you think? Welcoming all comments, folks. Seriously.

  2. Love it & love you for writing it….wonderful!

  3. MessigirlsMom says:

    Jen, You have a way with focusing on the positive in all. Humanity thanks you for that!

  4. PaulaWild says:

    I also enjoy sidewalk chalk in a great big way! In addition I think you make a great point about how many of us (myself so so so included) tend to get a bit high-and-mighty and talk/think down on those who are involved in such projects as war, tea-party politics, or financial speculation in housing. These are our brothers, uncles, grandmothers, ourselves. WE are all in it together, and I love how your post reminds us of that.

  5. Eliza Kerr says:

    Thanks for a good old warm fuzzy . You put simple words to a feeling many of us share…and with the power of word, that just grows the goodness and positivity. Thanks for blessing us with this little gem.

  6. mari hays says:

    We love you too!

  7. Thanks Marci. It's a (not so secret) secret to happiness, for sure.

  8. So true…I recently read this fantastic article in Shambala Sun by Robert Thurman that points out the truth about our judgments in such an eye opening way: http://www.shambhalasun.com/index.php?option=com_
    I read your blog too, and thought of it.

  9. Good to know others share the feeling. And yeah, what's spoken, thought, written cultivates like. That is always my goal.

  10. Trace says:

    Humanity would not be all the cool things it is without you too Jen!
    what a great message youve written to get many more thoughts
    between the lines. Hi Mari !!

  11. Becky says:

    Thank you Jen…truly inspirational and couldn't have come at a better time. All of the sudden all the pain and sadness in life seems necessary as would be a stepping stone to the next level of enlightenment. And yes…where would we be without Hello Kitty! Love you!!!

  12. Bridget Fithian says:

    What a gorgeous meditation on what it means to be human, to be part of humanity. It is not often one reads pieces of writing from "the path of enlightenment" that consider the other side, the darkness, the under belly, as part of us all, but it is (if one prescribes to yogic teachings) and the more we try to deny this the sicker our society becomes. Thanks for shedding some light into the dark places, Jen.

  13. It's hard sometimes Bridget, but I think in some ways this is what Jesus meant about turning the other cheek. Yin yang, good & evil, pleasure ad pain; they don't just equally reside within us, the combination of the two are what we are made of. Speaking goodness cultivates goodness. This allows us to reflect rather than react. What else is there other than reflecting on the nature of relationship to others and the self?

  14. Thank you Tracy! You too. It's all a big pot of human coolness.

  15. Toeknee says:

    Jen, you have always been a beautiful person, thanks for being you.

  16. Jeannie O. Harsha says:

    Well, said, Jen! Thanks for taking the time to reflect on the amazing phenomena – the human race!

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  18. Patti Sue says:

    Best Wishes! You certainly know the art of words. . Thanks for the reminder of the greatness of humanity.

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