All I Want for Christmas is Complete & Total Enlightenment.

Via Kristin Luce
on Dec 18, 2011
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 Diary of a Solo Retreat.

Over the last Christmas holiday I did a 10-day solitary retreat. Alone in a small cabin in Vermont I practiced various meditations including following the breath, Ngöndro (a Vajrayana Buddhist practice doing prostrations), and inquiry, using The Work of Byron Katie. I also kept a diary.

Arrival Day: Arrived mid-afternoon, offered bows to the Zen Center’s Shrine down the road, unpacked and sat for a few hours. This place is gorgeous and all mine for the next 10 days. YES!

Day One: Took two naps, went to bed early, and slept late. In total, I just slept 15 of the past 24 hours. Am practicing maitiri—loving kindness toward self—in favor of going into abject despair and self-recrimination. Put two flies out, then immediately regretted it realizing that they will surely die in the snow. Began doing The Work (of Byron Katie) on a letter from my ex-husband’s new girlfriend. I checked email at the last wi-fi outpost before arriving at the cabin and read: “Kristin, you are cowardly and parasitic.” Fun times ahead, no doubt…

Day Two: It’s Christmas Eve, quiet and snowing. Slept until 10:30am, but no naps today! Sat some, devoured about 250 pages of dharma and am delighted that I brought pastrami sandwich makings. Have made a list of where I am cowardly and have identified the thoughts that make me so. Am questioning them. Have decided that parasitic isn’t so bad. Lit candles and sang for Shabbat and am feeling very inclusive in my Buddhist-Jewish-Christian-Pagan-ness on this Silent Night.

Day Three: Merry Christmas! Am flowing easily between sitting practice, dharma (read the other 250 pages today), doing The Work and drinking tea. Began prostrations and am thinking of taking Adyashanti as my teacher. Discovered that the blue plastic water jug makes a great drum for protector chants! Have fashioned a wooden spoon covered in an athletic sock to use as a striker. Have started to ration tea lights and Fig Newtons.

Day Four: Outside temperature dropped into the single digits and the updraft in the outhouse is a force to be reckoned with. Forewent on the walk today, too darn cold. Started writing a book between practice sessions—finished the title, intro, and one chapter. Auspicious signs starting to appear: the closed eyes of the statue of the Buddha opened and stared at me intently throughout my evening sit. They were quite penetrating.

Day Five: Wish I had taken the walk yesterday, as it is blizzard conditions today— blowing snow, windy, and 4 degrees outside. Now that I am no longer cowardly, I became obsessed with planning out my entire life: made a list of goals for the next year and worked up three calendars of how I can finish my Ngöndro, get certified in The Work, finish writing my book, and jump start my business while spending all non-school hours with my kids and never getting up earlier than 7am. Somehow it seemed possible on paper. Did prostrations like the energizer bunny in preparation to complete goal #1.

Day Six:  Discovered I can get Internet access. All is lost.

Day Seven: Have started talking to the Buddha on the shrine the way Tom Hanks talked to “Wilson” in Cast Away. Tom is stranded on a desert island when a Wilson volleyball washes up on shore and becomes his best friend. Realize that I do not need other actual humans in my life.

Day Eight: Did P’s in my underwear and adopted a fly whom I have named “Mighty”—am guessing that the name will sound better once translated into Sanskrit. Mighty crawled across my Ngöndro liturgy which, according to ancient Tibetan teaching, foretells that he will likely be reborn as a disciple of the next living Buddha. Am giving him detailed dharma instructions in preparation for his big role which, given the life span of flies, may be very soon.

Day Nine: Just as I finished my opening chants, Mighty fell into a pot of water that I keep on the wood stove. Fished him out, put him on a towel and gave him a dried cranberry which he ate voraciously. I love him. Built a torma for my last night here out of Fig Newtons which resembled Stone Henge more than a stupa. Performed the Sadhana and cried a lot.

Day Ten—Departure Day Awoke early today for the first time since arriving on retreat. Sat, wrote, did The Work, P’s, and cleaned up. Left the cabin in Mighty’s capable hands and went to the Zen temple to offer three “goodbye” bows. Now that I feel normal, the world seems really weird.

After I left retreat my friend who owns the cabin asked me to give it a name. I christened it, “Karuna Balraj,” which in Sanskrit means, “Mighty Kindness.”


About Kristin Luce

Kristin Luce is slowly going sane by using her actual life and relationships to wake up. Her quest for truth has led her through a B.A. in Philosophy, an M.A. in Buddhist Psychology, intensive retreat practice, certification as a Meditation Instructor, two life-changing relationships and two life-changing kids. She now provides in-depth coaching for individuals and couples who want profound and dramatic transformation. An avid writer, she has been featured in such publications as Mothering Magazine and The Buddhadharma, and is a regular contributor to elephant journal. Friend her on Facebook, Twitter, her website or contact her at [email protected].


24 Responses to “All I Want for Christmas is Complete & Total Enlightenment.”

  1. Carol says:

    This is marvelous, especially your relationship with Mighty. I live alone and got very attached to a fat green caterpillar once, who lived and died in the soil of one of my potted plants…so I quite understand.

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks, your honesty and humor is INSPIRING!

  3. Kelley says:

    Love the article Kristin. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  4. KristinSLuce says:

    You are reminding me that I once had a spider take up residence behind my rear-view mirror and lived there for months! She traveled with me when I moved from Vermont to Colorado, in fact 🙂

  5. Allison says:

    Thank you, Kristin! Your writings are so full of heart and humor.

  6. Rachael says:

    love love love… thank you for bringing your authentic self to this well written and humorous sharing…

  7. Lida Anne says:

    Your article gave me a good laugh as I read it this morning. Thank you for sharing some of the realities about retreat practice that are so earthy and honest. It's nice to connect with the humor that can arise when alone for 10 days doing practice.

  8. KristinSLuce says:

    So glad you enjoyed! Every word was true, and it is a delight to share the pain, humor and just "Goodness" of retreat with you here!

  9. trapsas1 says:

    Amusing and interesting post. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year! ~Tom Rapsas

  10. Verne Dugas says:

    I absolutely love this living diary!!! Started my day off with a smile. Thanks

  11. KristinSLuce says:

    Likewise! I am going back on solo retreat tomorrow, so my Christmas will once again be in Silence in the Snow 🙂

  12. Lea says:

    LOL almost all the way through. And there's something else in it too that gives me pause, and I can't quite put my finger on it yet.

  13. Jan Mignaud says:

    I smiled and felt lighter after reading your diary. Thanks a lot:)

  14. Sue says:

    Hey There, laughed & laughed. “Mighty” reminds me of “Henry Luce!”
    Your writing style reminds me a LOT of Benjamin Franklin’s.

  15. Scott says:

    I love how you made your 10 day solitary retreat feel ordinary. You have a delightful sense of humor and a refreshingly sane perspective on life.

  16. Barbara M. Kitzis says:

    Kristin…You are so so so so so beautiful, funny, real and much, much, more…… Not to mention, you have totally won my heart…….I am proud to be a woman with feelings, questions, desires, fears and One that Loves Loving…….. Now I can go and get the mail as I strutt with pride, down the street, with my dog Little Bear… Just knowing you are out there too gives me comfort….. Miss you on meditation nights….Barbzangmo….

  17. KristinSLuce says:

    Thanks, dear friend! I definitely think that's our truest bond: that we Love Loving 🙂

  18. Nina says:

    Thank you for the laughter, pure joy from Mighty the fly.

  19. Michelle says:

    Was having a bad day. A sad day. A WTF is going on day. Then I read this article and I laughed out loud. thank you.

  20. Brian says:

    I Love your writing Kristin! You have the knack of making your thoughts compelling to read.

  21. mbm214 says:

    Absolutely totally hilarious!!! Love comedic dharma wisdom!!!!

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  23. Dave Pimentel says:

    Liz Gilbert, eat your heart out! (her book was funny too – but your writing is filled with light)

  24. KristinSLuce says:

    Dave, you made my day 🙂 So glad you enjoyed.