Our Troops who are Coming Home need Support & Love. {Video}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 25, 2011
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Peace on Earth.

Many of our American troops are returning. Click here to see an inspiring example.

They represent the best of America—they make the hardest sacrifice—as do their families. And in a down economy, they need all of our support and love upon their return.

Shine, Give, Share: Honoring Military Families for the Holidays—a video from the White House.

Go inside the White House and the Naval Observatory, the official residence for the Vice President, for the holiday season as we honor military families and their service to our nation. http://whitehouse.gov/holidays


Weekly Address: The President and First Lady Thank our Troops for their Service this Holiday Season:

Thanks to our troops. Click here to get involved.


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8 Responses to “Our Troops who are Coming Home need Support & Love. {Video}”

  1. Kanani Fong says:

    Thanks for thinking of us.
    One thing: Those of us with loved ones in the fight, know that in our place in Iraq will be thousands of contractors. They will do the hard work of rebuilding infrastructure from roads to the health care system. To those families whose loved ones endure difficult conditions, pay that is often exaggerated by the media, we offer our support and understanding.

    To those who would like to politicize us, we ask for you not to do so. We are ever faithful Americans, cognizant of the bravery shown, the fear, the triumphs, and also the struggles ahead. Polemics –even those that are mentioned in an off-handed way, can act as triggers, and one must –regardless of how you feel, put them aside if you want to offer to help. Because our first concern is each individual, and affirming the humanity in each. Follow us on WarRetreat.Org. If you have an event that is non-political, yoga-based, and dedicated to reducing stress, let us know.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Kanani, if you'd like to write something for us to share with our readership, would be honored: [email protected]

  3. Kanani, Give Back Yoga and many other groups have organized yoga events (both one time & ongoing) specifically for veterans. This post has more info & links: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2011/11/upon-retur

  4. Kanani Fong says:

    That would be a lot of fun. Let me figure something out.

  5. Kanani Fong says:

    Kate, we've had a long conversation with Rob Schware, founder of Give Back Yoga. What a terrific group! WarRetreat exists to help those who are working with veterans and what we call the war community –anyone who has taken an assignment overseas in a combat zone. This includes contractors and war photographers as well. Right now, we're working on a community model, free of government funding, that will be able to be replicated from town to town.

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