“That wasn’t very Christmasy.” 15 Funny Christmas things.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 25, 2011
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This isn’t funny, but it’s fun:

2. The first rule of Christmas is you do not talk about true things that will result in fights:


Jewish Christmas:

What Us Jews Do for Christmas



Best Christmas card ever?



8. This one isn’t funny perse, but it’s awesome. I’m doing it next year:

My kind of Christmas tree


Okay: this one isn’t funny, it’s sweet, and it is “very” Christmasy.

To counter all that good feeling, buy one of these not-very-Christmasy sweaters. I did.


To all those who seek 2 live a fun, #mindful, generous life, Merry Christmas!

Bonus Round:




christmas funny

santa funny





This kind of Photoshop Manipulation has to stop.



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9 Responses to ““That wasn’t very Christmasy.” 15 Funny Christmas things.”

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    Loooove that Christmas book-tree!

  2. elephantjournal says:

    A friend of mine, Ruscha, just did it here in Boulder. It's amazing.

  3. DaveTelf says:

    a lovely collection. thanks.

  4. sam randall says:

    ha! Ruscha is my neighbor – she texted a pic of that fabulous book-tree to my housemate yesterday! And today I see it on ele. The universe keeps expanding…. And that tree ROCKS.

  5. Katherine says:

    I stopped buys shit no one needs with money I don't have years ago. I have much Merrier Christmases now. <3

  6. […] If you want to know where to get these, I’ve hid the link under “10 Not Very Christmasy Things,” appropriately. It’s a fun list. […]

  7. cit1 says:

    I think the Book-tree wins the "eco-friendlest christmas tree" contest!

  8. Jenna B. Wiser says:

    I think you are fucking awesome!! Have I told you that lately?? The moment we first connected I think I did like five times in a row. Way to play it cool self!! Way to work it through!!
    Around you I am putty. Authentic True. Your Awesome!!

  9. Melina says: