January 18, 2012

Everything You Need to Know about SOPA in Less than Five Minutes.

Most things have to be seen to be believed and explained to be understood.

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January 18, 2012

Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself.  It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime. 

        ~Potter Stewart

Today, freedom of expression is on strike. Giants like Google and Wikipedia are joining the blackout. Indie media like elephant journal is protesting by featuring the censorship logo. If you’re still not sure how this affects you or where you stand in the equation, I hope the following video helps put things in perspective.



What can you do?

Get informed. More elephant coverage here, here and here.

Join the blackout by going dark or adding a censorship logo to your website/blog.

Sign the petition here.

Replace your profile picture with the “censored” sign. Spread the word through social media. Speak your mind. Censor yourself as a sign of protest before the Government has a chance to. Make it viral.

Support indie media. We struggle to offer you meaning and stay free.

Share this or other articles related to the subject.


The freedom to communicate without censorship is about as democratic as it gets for us on a global scale. If they can take away our voice, they take everything.

Let’s not be silenced.

[Photo-1 Ian Tai; Photo-2: DeadZone]



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Read 9 comments and reply

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