From Father to Son: “The Ten Things.” {Wolf & Medallion video}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 10, 2012
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“The only thing you need to watch this year.”

Saw this live play/film/interactive experience—for that’s what it is, an experience, not a passive viewing—this summer at the 5 Point Film Festival (click here for more awesome trailers), which we helped media sponsor. It was the best thing I saw there, by far, and much of the rest was impressive, truly—that’s how extraordinary The Wolf & the Medallion is.

This scene blew us all away. We all asked for the video. Here it is.

Fast-forward to 3:22 if you’re busy or only have two minutes to live. Otherwise, do watch the whole thing. And never, ever, ever let the beast catch you:

From the award winning film “The Wolf & The Medallion”– the much requested “ten Things” is now available as a gift from all of us over at ThreeHouse. The Ten Things are a part of the letter written home to my 4 year old son from a small summit on the China/Mongolia border. Happy holidays!

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Only slightly related bonus (NSFW language):

“Now look, she wants the Heki two-roof lights, side by side french furniture and the scarlet cushions with the matching hatchback covers. Oh and boys, she’s terrible partial to the periwinkle blue.”


I tell ya wha I gonna do.





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7 Responses to “From Father to Son: “The Ten Things.” {Wolf & Medallion video}”

  1. Waylon?

    You're nuts.

    I love it 🙂

  2. I really did 🙂 I'm a simple living/high thinking pusher, so it had me right from #10….#2 is my personal pusher, and #1, I want that son of a bitch to come after me so I can kill it….

    Sharing it all over every site I can access!!!!!!

  3. Ahh…perfect. Needed this! Especially #5. No, scratch that, especially all of it.

  4. I liked the ten points, but what a terrible metaphor for living–running like an incessantly terrified rabbit.

    I prefer the idea of relaxing and meditating into our true nature, which hopefully opens us up to living the ten principles.

    A scared rabbit is not known for its spiritual insights or fulfilling living.

    Bob W. Editor, Elephant Journal
    Yoga Demystified
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  7. Kali says:

    Cool, but also agree with Bob. Also makes me a little disappointed to see the wolf being depicted as a "beast," poor creatures are having a rough year. 6 collared Yellowstone wolves have been killed in 2012. I think a much scarier and less little red riding hood like "beast" could have/should have been created and used.