George Clooney: “Disillusioned by people disillusioned by Obama…”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 22, 2012
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Here’s a list of things Obama has done.

Here’s another, more recent. And, doughnuts.

Here’s Obama being strong, not getting pushed around.

A few great comments on Reddit, from whence this image came:

> Probably because we lack the blind divine feeling that we are always right about everything because god gave us the answer.

> Re NDAA signing: “Obama kind of didn’t have a choice on the bill…it included all defense spending which gave out the paychecks to military personel. if he hadn’t signed it, or asked for it to be re-written, it would have taken time that would mean that people wouldn’t get their paychecks. it’s a sneaky thing, the government…”

> It’s one thing for liberals to push Obama to do the right thing. It is quite another to abandon Obama because he only gave you 80% of what you want. Especially considering his eventual opponent has no interest in giving liberals anything they want.


you’re doing a very poor job of recognizing the political analysis that Clooney is doing here.

Republicans band together better, circle their wagons. This gives them more political power. Then they can push their (radical) agenda.

If democrats and Obama want to stop turning out poison pill legislation that sucks balls and is a watered-down compromise forced by republicans, they need to band together more. Including the base.

The wishy-washiness of the democratic base makes democrats more beholden to big money like Hollywood, because it takes a lot of money to fight the Koch bros (cock bros) and corporate money that’s helped republicans outspend Dems for decades.

[insert usual comment by someone about how “we need to take all the money out of politics”. yes we do. But I’m discussing realpolitik here]

> Obama said yes, we can. And the minute he was elected millions of people took the power that they gained from voting, volunteering, having a voice and tossed it away. I am just as upset with the base as with Obama.

> Well said about the base. My favorite example is Guantanamo. Multiple times per day you’ll see people complaining about how Obama broke his promise to close Guantanamo, but when confronted with the actual series of events that have led to Guantanamo remaining open, they have nothing to say. The necessary conclusion being that most of these ardently anti-Guantanamo people condemn Obama for it, but had no idea there actually was a battle fought over it that they sat out. So you had Obama on one side and every manipulative republican on the other stoking people’s fears, and fear will win out every time when those that care about the issue abandon the fight. But it’s all Obama’s fault it didn’t happen, since the base’s job was over once he got elected.

> Right. The problem seems to be that as a country we are very individualist minded. So the fact that one of the most powerful people that we elected can’t get some things done without help doesn’t move people to action. Which means the base sat down and refused to stand up for their ideals when Eric Holder (our Attorney General who spent vast amount of time, effort and political capitol trying to close Guantanamo Bay) wanted to have trials in America for terrorists and the right made up a bunch of bat shit lies.

There is a lot of talk about politicians standing up for their ideals. But what about the base that refuses to stand up with them when they make these very risky decisions?

> Nobody is going to argue that Obama is perfect to you. But two of the main issues with him you’ve cited are just silly. You’re really going to condemn him for extending health care coverage to 30 million people in a bill that passed by the slimmest of margins in the face of extremely organized and mendacious opposition because a man who was not even a member of the administration said that he bargained the public option away? Maybe it’s true, but I wouldn’t take that guy’s word as gospel. I’d prefer to look at the numerous times that Obama expressed public support for the Public Option and vociferously defended it. This is exactly what Clooney is talking about. Obama passes a bill by the skin of his teeth that advances progressive ideals further than any President since Lyndon Johnson, and you view it as a reason not to vote for him? That’s just insane.

Also, he’s done in Afghanistan exactly what he said he would do in the campaign, for better or worse. If you’re surprised by it, you weren’t paying attention.

For much, much more, head over to Reddit.


Bonus: first answer to first question backstage after the Golden Globes:


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11 Responses to “George Clooney: “Disillusioned by people disillusioned by Obama…””

  1. Maureen Miller says:

    more reason to love Geo!

  2. […] I’m a liberal, but I respect Republicans. I don’t enjoy knee-jerk well-rehearsed partisanship. I work toward a common ground. But…I’m a liberal, and I don’t go in for eating our own, either. […]

  3. Lyn says:

    Unfortunately I have to agree with Ozz here. I agree Obama's done some good, but he's as corporate-sell-out and military industrial complex-supporting as they come. In a better world, people would get off their duffs and support Presidential bids by guys like Dennis Kucinich (who from my understanding is not running this time around, unfortunately), instead of just choosing the lesser of two evils (which in this case is Obama).

  4. Linda V Lewis says:

    Bravo Clooney! He's as articulate as he is handsome!
    Mama Linda

  5. Dave says:

    Well put Ozz. The neoliberal blather coming from phony yoga marketing graduates makes me want to puke. Obama has been a major disappointment for those of us who believed he would bring substantive change to American foreign policy, economic policy and domestic policy. What we got in exchange for his votes is the unconstitutional bombing of Libya and Afghanistan, bailouts for dozens of criminal bankers who continue to defraud the people with impunity, NDAA, and continued Federal prosecution of medical marijuana providers. We're walking the plank with our eyes wide open, as Gotye puts it.

  6. Dave says:

    Clooney is a professional PRETENDER!

  7. Jomama says:

    Clooney is an idiot. He's an actor. He makes a living pretending to be someone he is not. Since when has this country allowed Hollywood to tell us who we should and should not vote for? What school of politics or economics did Mr. Clooney attend? His father was a big news guy, in the same town I grew up in, so he knows causing sensationalism will give him the attention the he wants. I, for one, do not believe this man knows what he's talking about. Most actors are liberals. You make points in Hollywood for being a liberal. This is him making points with Hollywood so he can be in the next big movie. He cares nothing about his fans or his government. He will have millions regardless of who the president is. I do not have that same luxury.

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  9. Bizarrely, my sceptical comments on this post have disappeared – as have others on this thread, where the author posted a link back here:

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