Tantric Philosophy, Sex ‘Til Dawn & The Smell of Your Armpits {poem}.

Via Julie JC Peters
on Jan 21, 2012
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On finding God in the softness inside my mouth, the deep bruise of birthmarks, the red-cheeked back of my hand, and muscles like meat before I tenderize them:



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About Julie JC Peters

Julie (JC) Peters has been practicing yoga on and off from the tender age of 12, and it has gotten her through everything from the horrors of teenagedom to a Master’s degree in Canadian Poetry. She is a yoga teacher, spoken word poet, and writer, and teaches workshops on yoga and writing called Creative Flow. Julie also owns East Side Yoga in Vancouver with her mom, Jane.


13 Responses to “Tantric Philosophy, Sex ‘Til Dawn & The Smell of Your Armpits {poem}.”

  1. fabio says:

    wow, raw sensual alive

  2. A-freaking-mazing! Need to listen to it several more times.

  3. catnipkiss says:

    oh, how I remember those kind of nights, and I pray I will rediscover them again…… soon…… (God, are you listening?) – Alexa M.

  4. yogijulian says:

    "the scent of these armpits is aroma finer than prayer" ~ whitman 🙂

  5. yogi tobye says:

    Love it!

    Just posted to elephant main page on facebook and Elephant Culture

  6. karlsaliter says:

    Brilliant! Where is my Maru? I have the urge to pray.

  7. Christopher says:

    Finally, honesty I can relate to. Thanks so much. You brought tears of joy to my eyes. Awesome!

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  10. Eric says:

    Julie, any man lucky enough to be loved by you had better hit his goddamned knees and give thanks.

  11. sandclothandashes says:


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