The Equinox Yoga Video: Sex…or Art? My perspective. {Article in English & Spanish}

Via Jeannie Page
on Jan 8, 2012
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The world is living through a lot of tumult at the moment: governments falling, economies teetering on the brink of failure. As if that global drama is not enough for us to deal with, it seems that this turmoil is also playing itself out, albeit in a much more minor and somewhat ridiculous way, within our yoga community.

Lately, there has been one yoga controversy after the next. This week the controversy was about the New York Times article labeling yoga as “dangerous.” That one kicked up quite a firestorm!

And most recently, the one that is currently swirling around and in which I have found myself front and center, is the controversy of the Equinox Sex.. er, I mean Yoga, video.

I first saw this video yesterday after Waylon posted it to Elephant Journal. I was immediately captivated by its raw beauty, by the absolute grace and poise the yogini displayed as she skillfully and mindfully moved between the challenging and complicated yoga poses. For me, this was watching art in motion.

It did not phase me in the slightest that she was clad in her undies—in fact to me this made it all the more artful; to be able to see her belly moving with her breath, to see the muscles flex and move with her, to see her strength radiating out from her core. Like watching a ballerina move across the stage, this was the ultimate expression of the raw beauty and power of the human form.

Then, today, I began seeing some fellow yoga teachers and practitioners posting about how they were “disgusted” and “appalled” by this video, that they felt it was over-sexualized and exploitative to women, and that it belittled the practice of yoga.

Huh? How can two people look at the same video and see something so completely different? Within minutes a flurry of comments had exploded on one of my teacher’s Facebook pages, most of them speaking out against the video and saying that it was merely a marketing ploy to sell sex.

Hmm, perhaps. Okay, now I’m not a man or a gay woman, so it wouldn’t be my first reaction to think “sex” when looking at a video of a hot yoga lady, but to be honest I was so captivated by the pure beauty of it, that there was nothing remotely sexual in my mind.

I watched as other people (teachers and students) commented that they felt exploited by it, that they felt it “put them in a box,” a box in which they didn’t wish to be. Now, of course we are all entitled to feel what we feel and to express our opinions therein, and this article is in no way meant to disrespect the opinions of others.

My view is that we can only be put into a box if we allow ourselves to be put into a box. Isn’t it all a matter of the mindset from which we come, from which we in ourselves are viewing and interpreting the video?

I say this because not only did I not feel exploited or disgusted by the video, but I felt the exact opposite. I felt inspired, I felt empowered, I felt liberated. Here is a woman with incredible strength and control and on top of that a gorgeous yoga body, one which I would aspire to have. To be honest, this video only inspires me to want to do more yoga towards that goal. It does not give me a body-image problem or make me feel insecure in myself. In fact I say power to her for having a kick-ass bod’ and being able to rock it! If I had that body, I’d want to stand in it proudly and own it. The ability to stand confidently in one’s own body and to not feel like an object, but rather to feel in full control of yourself, mind, body and spirit…that to me is true empowerment.

As the facebook debate grew over the video, I felt like I was in a definite minority. Most of the people had felt disgusted or offended in some way by the video. So what was different about me that I was not? Why was I able to view it purely as art, while others had viewed it as “yoga porn”? Well, I think that with anything in life, we view things through the lens of our own experiences and our own emotions. I cannot speak for the experiences from which anyone else comes, I can only speak for myself.

I am a liberated woman who is secure in herself and her body, a woman who has a rooted mental, spiritual and physical yoga and meditation practice. And I am fortunate that in my life I have seldom felt that I was objectified or oppressed as a woman. Quite the opposite in fact. Lucky to have been raised by a long line of empowered women, I like to consider myself among them. Coming from that frame of reference, I was able to view this video as inspiring and empowering and as nothing more (or less) than art.

But as I watched the critical comments grow and grow, I realized there had to be something more. Perhaps it was something societal? Another hypothesis was beginning to form in my mind. You see, I had lived in Spain for a year during college and it was an extremely regular occurrence to see television commercials (for shampoo, etc) with bare-breasted and half nude women, as well as men. My impression is that in Spain, as well as the rest of Europe and Latin America, this is nothing lewd or pornographic, but instead is simply part of the cultural landscape. Themes related to the human body, nudity and human sexuality in general are not nearly as taboo in Europe or Latin America as they are here and because of that the average person is not remotely phased by seeing even a nude person, never mind one that is wearing underwear. This would be so uninteresting in Europe and in the Latin world.

I began thinking about the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” during the Super Bowl all those years ago and how it became a national scandal. That insignificant incident was taken so out of control that the FCC began an investigation, spending countless amounts of taxpayer dollars, to investigate the “halftime flash.” Seriously? I could not believe this at the time it occurred. It’s a breast for God’s sake. Most of us have seen them and mothers have to breastfeed their babies all the time. But here even that can be taboo, and in less progressive areas mothers feel that they have to shield themselves and find a private place just to feed their babies.

Would you believe me if I told you my Spanish sister (of my Spanish host family) would sit on the couch, both breasts completely exposed as she nursed her baby? There was no attempt to conceal, nor was there anything awkward or unusual about it. The conversation continued as normal, guests would come and go and her father and brother just went about their business playing their video games. The human body, even in its nude form, is simply part of normal, every-day society in many other parts of the world. So was it my experience living in Spain and seeing their own relaxed attitudes towards the human body, that allowed me to view this video through a different lens?

That was my theory. So I decided to test it. You see I am a writer and in addition to writing in English, I also write in Spanish and my Spanish-speaking audience is actually my largest. Having been a Spanish major in college and having lived, worked and traveled in both Spain and Latin America, I’ve become pretty immersed in their culture and understand it well. So I had a suspicion that the Latinos might view the video through a very different lens.

I posted it to my 13,000 fans across Spain and Latin America, and this is exactly what I said to them (in Spanish of course):

This video is receiving all sorts of controversy in the yoga world here in the US. Many believe the video to be too sexual. I, on the other hand, see nothing more than raw beauty. I see art in the perfection of the human body and in the strength and grace with which the woman moves through her poses. What do you see?

Though I was not at all surprised by the reaction, I was surprised by the speed of the response and the fervor of the reaction. It was nothing short of a fascinating cultural study. Within 20 minutes I had over 50 comments, from all over Latin America and Spain and I have just looked back at them now to see the latest and I am speaking with 100% honesty when I tell you that not a single person commented that they saw anything sexual or exploitative about the video. This in fact surprised even me. I figured at least some of them would have shared the views of my fellow North Americans. Not a single one. Their responses stood out to me as even more interesting. I will share some of them with you here (translated). These comments are taken directly from my fans, from a mixture of men and women, and do not necessarily reflect my own views:

-I see yoga, grace, balance, concentration. (Yo veo Yoga, gracia, equilibrio, concentración….)

-Marvelous…a perfect union of the WHOLE…from which flows the perfection of mind, body and spirit of this young woman!!! Spectacular. (maravilloso….una union perfecta con el TODO….donde fluye a la perfeccion el cuerpo, mente y alma d esa joven!!!, espectacular!)

-I see yoga.. nothing more, nothing less.. (Yo veo Yoga… nada mas, nada menos…)

-How marvelous! What a beautiful practice this is, flowing in every movement, showing control of her mind, body, spirit. Brilliant!! (Qué maravilla !!, qué bello trabajo hay allí, fluye en cada movimiento, muestra dominio de su mente, cuerpo, espíritu. Genial!!)

-I only see a girl doing yoga. I don’t see anything remotely sexual. He who sees sex in this video also would see it looking at the clouds moving in the sky. The problem is not with the video, but rather with what is in the minds of those who think this is sexual. (Solo veo una chica haciendo Yoga. No veo por ningun lado contenido sexual. El que vea sexo en el video tambien lo vera cuando ve las nubes moviendose en el cielo. Entonces el problema no es el video,sino lo que tienen en la mente los que opinan esto.)

-Marvelous, I would love to practice yoga, I hope to one day have the flexibility that she has. Really beautiful. Blessings. (maravilloso,me encanta practicar Yoga,espero llegar a tener la flexibilidad de ella algún día.realmente hermoso.bendiciones)

-The truth is that I don’t see the basis to think this video has a sexual connotation, I see harmony, flexibility, art. Surely if she had done yoga covered in a sweatsuit, I would have seen something else. (La verdad que no sé en que se basan para dar connotación sexual a éste video, yo veo armonía, flexibilidad, arte. Seguramente si hubiese hecho yoga con su cuerpo cubierto por un equipo de gimnasia hubiesen visto otra cosa.)

-I love it. I didn’t see anything sexual…(me encanto!!! no le vi nada sexual…)

-I only see the beauty of body in movement…The harmony and control is poetry. (Sólo veo la belleza del cuerpo en movimiento… La armonia y control es una poesía.)

– I love it Jeannie, the connotation that each person gives to this video will be based on their platform. (me encantó Jeannie, la connotación que cada quien le de a este video será según su plataforma.)

Gringos Locos. (I don’t think I need to tell you what this last one means. I put this in for comic relief! ; )

These are just a cross-section of the comments. To ensure authenticity for yourselves, I invite you to view all of the comments here. I share these comments with you by no means to belittle or condemn the opinions of those who did see the video as exploitative and sexual. Their reactions were just as real and visceral as was mine, and it did open up what I think is a very important discussion for our society. And to be honest, I can certainly see how someone would have that interpretation of the video, and I 1,000% respect that opinion. It simply was not my reaction nor my interpretation and as I am forever the inquisitive person, this simply set me on the path to trying to understand why.

I have found the differences in reaction between the North American and Latin worlds to be nothing short of an illuminating study of cultures and societies, a study that has been ongoing for me as I delve deeply into writing in both worlds. Considering that the vast majority of the reactions that I saw from my North American friends was to view the video as sexual, I would say that they are probably right in accusing Equinox of trying to sell sex. But again, considering that same reaction, I can only say in reference to Equinox… kudos to them, that is clearly some damn clever marketing!

That said, given that 100% of the Latinos that commented shared my view that the video was nothing but beauty and art in motion, and that it also inspired them to want to practice yoga, I would say that the ad could potentially be equally as effective in Latin America…but for entirely different reasons. If we can say that “Sex Sells” in the United States, it seems the equivalent statement for Latin America would be that “Art Sells.”  And assuming once again (and I think we can all agree) that sex does in fact sell in our society and considering that the Latinos didn’t view this video as remotely sexual, then I would say it’s not Equinox that we should be condemning…but perhaps we ought to take a closer look at our society.

To hear directly from Briohny herself, click here to read her full interview.


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139 Responses to “The Equinox Yoga Video: Sex…or Art? My perspective. {Article in English & Spanish}”

  1. Vision_Quest2 says:

    And that kool aid tastes worse than Kombucha …

  2. JJ Parra says:

    the porn view it´s on observer mind….

  3. Rachel, I think the scene of the bedroom depends on one's interpretation, and that interpretation varies greatly. My interpretation was that they purposely showed the messy bed with the guy still sleeping, to show that this was her roll-out-of-bed morning practice. It's clearly a kick-ass practice and much more advanced than most people will do for their morning practice, but that's where I thought they were trying to be both ironic and inspiring- like, if this girl can roll out of bed and do this, what can she do if she's really awake and refreshed?! There are also loads of yogis that roll out of bed and practice in their underwear, and many in the nude, so my take on this was that they were simply trying to represent a day in the life of a yogi… a very advanced yogi. And for that I am inspired.

  4. Beautifully expressed friend. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I agree on every point.

  5. Agreed. And it's something I very much aspire to. 😉

  6. Fantastic points, all of them. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts, Jason. :)- Jeannie

  7. Hi there, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can see how one interpretation of the scene is "sex", but it is not the only interpretation. I saw the messy bed and the guy still sleeping as a representation that this is simply her morning routine, her roll-out-of-bed and do yoga routine. My interpretation is that they were trying to portray what one is capable of doing, even in a simple morning practice in your undies, with a devoted and committed yoga practice. As someone said above, it is in the eye of the beholder. We all look at through different lenses and there are loads of different interpretations…. all are valid from our own perspectives. But unless we were the producer of the film, we can't really know their true intention of what they were trying to invoke. Maybe it was exactly this… a conversation…

  8. Dya says:

    Haha same here! I thought maaaan what a nice place!

  9. elephantjournal says:

    Was there? I didn't notice one. ~ Way

  10. elephantjournal says:

    Joytrip! Nice link drop brother!

  11. elephantjournal says:

    Sorry, I reallly didn't see it this way. I didn't notice a man, and I've watched this twice now. Even if so, it would just mean that she's doing home practice, and folks sleep together…this seems like a morning practice to me. That's it. It's gorgeous and awe-inspiring. I'll give you a thumbs up, anyways, respectful discussion is the best. ~ Way

  12. elephantjournal says:

    Mind=Blown is a reddit sorta term for anything that is awesome. They followed up the above video with another titled "I see your mind blowing 'yoga girl arm balance' and raise you… well… an even more talented female equilibrist" …linking to this awesome video:

  13. It's so funny, lots of people didn't notice him. I noticed him the first time around, when they shot a quick shot of the tattoo on his back. My take on it was that it was meant to portray "a day in the life" of a yogini. He was sleeping in and she was up doing her kick-ass practice. 🙂

  14. […] The Equinox Yoga Video: Sex…or Art? My perspective. {Article in English & Spanish} […]

  15. Lins says:

    What a great article. As I live in Europe,born in Belgium I saw this video some days ago and looked to this raw diamond. In 2006 I began practicing Ashtanga Yoga and I felt this amazing feeling that I had the first time I came in a class of yoga when I saw this video. I had to laugh when I saw her man was sleeping into the bed and she is just practicing yoga. what a discipline is that. NO ONE moment I had the idea that there was to much focus on sexual energy. NO just pure being. Has it to do with being a North American or not. I don t know. this body is just nice and beautiful. wish I had it toooooo

  16. Vision_Quest2 says:

    It probably takes more discipline to do the basic moves and hold them each several breaths, and do sun salutations in alignment, and keep the whole thing up for over an hour, and wash, rinse, repeat—day after day. This is a performance, not much more … it could be the result of doing the basics for most people; and for this woman, it could be the result of having excelled in gymnastics when younger …

    It's like those skiing ads that just show athletes slaloming perfectly down a black diamond slope … Now, how many avid skiiers could do that, early in the morning, like brushing their teeth … ?

  17. I don't think they are trying to suggest that this is a normal, everyday practice. I think they are just trying to inspire people to do any yoga at all, morning practice or not. That's how I felt. It inspired me to want to do more yoga and practice my arm balances!

  18. Lindsay says:

    I just had another thought: what about those beautiful ads in Yoga Journal selling Yoga Sox? That woman is completely nude in forearm stand with only socks on. Are people freaking out about that too?

  19. Rachael Arabian says:

    My impression: I need to get up earlier!

  20. Yogi says:

    Judith Lasater wrote a long entry about the naked woman in toe sox in Yoga Journal. Not freaking out but certainly not supporting it.

  21. Rachel F M says:

    I found the video to be inspiring to my practice, i.e., about how I might one day be able to move seamlessly between various poses. Or, that I would get up earlier than my husband so that I, too, could practice that early in the morning. That there was an unmade bed, with (presumably) a man sleeping in it, is beside the point. Awesome job, I thought. Didn't necessarily make we want to get an Equinox membership, however… 😉

  22. Dee says:

    Jeannie your article is brilliant and very thought provoking. When I first saw the video on FB, I was captivated by her beauty and talent and a little shocked by what I interpreted as her lack of modesty (which seemed wrong since it distracts us from the yoga.) But I admit that is my own projection.

    Someone mentioned a man in the bed. I didn't see any man, just an unmade bed. I wondered about the unmade bed and the lace panties. The lace panties suggest sexuality or at least flirtation.

    I liked the video but wondered if Equinox was using sex to sell yoga. Since this is the USA, I would say yes, they are.

    After reading your perspective, i am beginning to wonder why we read sex into everything. Perhaps the answer is that YES this video is sexual and that it's OK to be sensual and sexual and maybe yoga is evolving and changing and moving into a more artistic expression of whatever the practitioner wishes to express.

    To say this is not yoga is flawed. I think this is yoga and this is sexual / sensual.

    To Spanish people this type of expression of raw, passion and emotion is a very normal and regular part of their culture.

    Americans are frightened and terrified by this type of raw emotion . . . . so they label it sexual and taboo.

  23. Dee says:

    Some of us strive for that physical strength, control and perfection. There is nothing wrong with that striving. It's human nature. My desire to perfect my asanas does not make me any less of a yogi. Enlightened people know that perfection really does not exist. But I applaud anyone who strives do their personal best.

  24. Hi Alice,

    Thanks for reading and sharing. I invite you to read the full article so that you can get a better feel for the point I was making. I think you're missing a huge piece of my hypothesis. To respond to your comments, for me personally yoga is all about the mind-body-spirit connection. As it brought me profound healing after a very dark time, and as a result of that healing, a very powerful spiritual awakening, I can easily say that I am well entrenched in the mental/spiritual aspects of a yoga practice, and I do understand that that is the ultimate goal of yoga. But that said, that doesn't mean that you can't also enjoy it for the physical fitness that it gives you.

    I definitely do not feel that my interpretation makes women cling to a form they aren't. I have zero body image problems and am a very secure person in myself. That doesn't mean that I can't aspire to be in even more optimum physical form. And there is nothing wrong with that. I want to be fit to be healthy, and yes I'd love to have her body because it's beautiful and I'm a perfectionist. And that goal is for MYSELF, not for anyone else. And I know it's something I can work towards in my practice. It simply reaffirms my commitment to yoga, for a multitude of reasons. I in no way think that that is a problem. As I said in my piece, how we feel about ourselves as a result of the video, is largely a factor of how we already view ourselves to begin with.

    The video doesn't give me any negative or unhealthy views of my body or what I can achieve. It simply inspires me.

    But none of that was the main point that I was trying to make. If you'd read the latter half of the article, you'd see that my main point is to examine and pose a question about the possible explanations for different cultural interpretions; our society tending to view it as more sexual and sleezy, and the European and Latin cultures viewing it more as art. That was my main point.

  25. Agree on all points Dee. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your views! Something can absolutely be sensual without being sexual and I would definitely say that this video was sensual. For many Europeans and Latinos, this sensuality of the human form is simply, as I said, art. It is for me too.

    There was a man in the bed (or so it appeared), but my interpretation of that was that it was simply to show that her boyfriend/partner was sleeping in while she was up doing her morning yoga practice. I felt it was trying to show her "daily" routine, albeit a totally kick-ass one! I feel nothing but completely inspired by her video to continue moving forward with my practice.

  26. I couldn't agree more Dee.

  27. Completely agree about the bikini point. Loads of yoga teachers take promotional photos/videos in skimpy bathing suits and nobody says a word about that. It's the same thing in my opinion. Not a big deal either way!

  28. catnipkiss says:

    I am astounded at all the comments, and did not have time to read them all (so pardon me if I repeat anyone's thoughts) but I think there is a whisper of sex in the video, because they did, after all, choose to shoot it in a bedroom with a slumbering man (I think?) in the bed, not in a studio or yoga-class environment. There is an undercurrent of sexuality. However, I love sexuality! We are human, sexual beings. It's not blatant. It's not overt. She's in her black lace undies, which nicely contain her toned athletic body. i love the grace, poetry, and athleticism of these poses, and for a moment I thought, I need to drop 30 pounds and get that body and DO THAT!! But why? What treasures would magically unfold for me then? I think we can appreciate, admire, and be inspired, and take away the dedication and strength that this kind of practice requires. But also, subliminally, that "imagine what she can do – what I can also do when my practice is good – in bed." I know enough Spanish and Latino men to know they might also think that. 🙂 – Alexa M

  29. catnipkiss says:

    Yogi, I think you are right that the intention is a bit "off" from what should be viewed as true yoga, and I'm glad to hear you say that those postures are not realistic for most people. This is clearly a home practice, with the bed, etc. Wonder what they were actually GETTING at???

  30. Vision_Quest2 says:

    #1. I bet your health practitioner does not think you are 30 pounds overweight, and in fact you probably have a BMI in the low-normal range right now. There is no need beyond the aesthetic to be that slender unless it's natural without dieting.
    #2. There are plenty of American men who think that … and that is what is annoying …

  31. Awesome post, thanks for your excellent perspective. I referenced your article in my blog post:… Keep up the great work! J

  32. Dawn says:

    i fully fully agree with you. however, if the u.s. is too repressive – i would say on the obverse that, having danced with latin american men, that latin america bends (all puns intended) a bit to the other side of the spectrum.

  33. Thanks so much Johnny!

  34. Haha. True enough Dawn. 🙂

  35. "Here is the author’s slightly offensive, somewhat ignorant and completely naïve response." Ouch. You think I was offensive? My article was in no way meant to be a scientific study. I was merely expressing my views (it is a free country afterall) and was exploring the possible differences in cultural reactions, as I saw them through the lens of my own experience. I hardly think there was anything offensive, and certainly not ignorant naive about that. How can my own experiences be naive? I was simply asking people to think about why one set of people from one culture would tend to react one way, versus a very different reaction from a different culture. And clearly, given the response to the article, other people were curious to discuss this topic as well. I was simply trying to open a dialogue.

    Also, if you had actually read my own piece, I was not saying at all that I was disappointed in anyone's reactions to the video. I was very clear to state that I fully understood how someone could see it as sexual, and while that was not my reaction, I did respect that viewpoint. From there I was simply curious as to why people would have such different reactions. My article was nothing more than following that curiosity and posing questions to the audience.

    And if you read the end of my article, I agreed that in the end Equinox was very successful in trying to sell "sex" or "sensuality", whichever side of the coin you want to call it. The clear reaction of people was evidence enough to me that that is likely exactly what Equinox had intended. That still however, does not change my views that from my perspective I saw it as art in motion, not sex. Everyone views it through their own lens and that is fine. That does not make me naive or arrogant. And I'll let the readers decide, but I would say that your piece was far more offensive than mine.

  36. ValCarruthers says:

    Been bemusedly observing this from the sidelines and now I'm joining the fray. Right on everybody who agrees that it's about a strong and radiant yogini doing a beautiful powerful practice, no biggie about the undies. The whole scenario was an invitation into the intimacy of her morning practice, not in a voyeurish or vicarious way (though some could take that perspective) but a sense of right thereness, breathing and flowing along with her and. I believe this was Equinox's intention. It sure energized me. When it ended I got up from the computer, went over to a wall in my house and picked up my lagging handstand practice.

    Now about that guy in the bed, creating a backstory cuttin z's while she's yoga-ing away. Clearly he's eff'd out, hungover, etc. He should do more Yoga. Then we could ogle him in his jockstrap in the a.m.

  37. Hilarious comments Val! Thanks so much for reading and comment. I personally think the guy was just sleeping while she did her yoga practice, but we're all just guessing as to the motivation of him in the bed. 🙂

  38. sammy says:

    Interesting points, but….How can you get a "shot of meditation?" She could be in meditation while she's moving through the postures. One can meditate while walking, cleaning, running, doing yoga. Just because someone is sitting still with their eyes closed does not mean they are meditating. If that's what you mean.

  39. Anand Rudra says:

    It is really amazing that in 21st. century a woman practicing YOga in a video can create such a conmotion… Only in America can happen something like that. Yoga in ancient times was performed nude in ceremonies….Uff if these "Yoginis" that try to censor every thing where in those times. Remeber Yoga is a millenary practice and no body owns it, there is no rules, there is no schools, only methodology in the practice and the intentions and tools on that methodology brings the schools and with it ethics, procedures, religion, etc…… Nice article, what is good or bad in one YOga or any other practice depends in the intention on the eyes of the beholder….

  40. Monique says:

    I don't think this video would've received the same backlash had it been made by an independent studio or a single practitioner looking to express herself. It is the fact that it was made by a corporation that makes us analyze it and the motives behind it so critically.

  41. Great perspectives Anand. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!

  42. This is a common thought expressed throughout the comments. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  43. Thanks so much for sharing so honestly!

  44. theheathenvegan says:

    I didn't realize that it was a new video, or that it had sparked so much controversy. I only knew about it because one of my best friends, a photographer, posted it to my wall on Facebook, as he knew I did yoga. I saw nothing sexual about it. I thought it was beautiful and inspiring, and definitely artistic. People need to lighten up. Great article.

  45. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!