February 7, 2012

Are You a Divine Being on a Cosmic Quest? ~ Lisa Avebury

Ian Wedlock

The first time I heard the statement, “You are a divine being on a cosmic quest,” it resonated with me strongly.

The reason is because for most of my life, I have felt like I came from another planet. An alien, not like everyone else. I didn’t seem to enjoy or want to participate in many of the things most people did.

As I have gotten older, it seems my level of discernment has only become clearer. This has been difficult at times as everyone wants to be liked, everyone wants to be part of something and everyone would like approval. But for me, none of those things seem to matter in my search for authenticity.

For example, I still carry what I would like to call a “dumb phone.” I personally like a bit of inaccessibility. I have also yet to have a Facebook page. I have actually been scolded for that. I don’t see the point.

I find all of this illusion of intimacy baffling.

Send me adrift

The world has a hypnotic effect that is designed to take us away from what is real. And what is real is the still, small voice inside that we all have. That voice is desperate to be heard. Yet we spend so much time distracted by the drama going on around us and ruling over our little kingdoms that it never gets heard. And we wonder why we feel disconnected even though we have all this technology saying we aren’t.

So, I try my best to live in the world but not of the world.

This isn’t always easy. Especially living in a big city. There are many distractions. I try to keep focused on living as the immortal soul adventurer I know I am. I take my secret spiritual identity with me everywhere. We have the ability to grow uninteresting due to our habitual way of being in the world. Life is an opportunity to see everything you do as service. Bear that in mind next time you are at the post office and reach for your phone. Are you really available?

We have a new level of process addiction taking over western society. These addictions are so subtle not many of us would think to identify it by that term. A process addiction is any type of compulsive behavior we do solely for gratification or reward. This habit can then turn into dependency. Can you identify anything in your life that can fall into that category?

Only real meaning in life can arouse pure energy — and it takes work to find real meaning in life. Maybe it is time to talk less, meditate more and believe you came here to get nothing but to give everything.

Never underestimate the effect you can have on another if you are living your life from the viewpoint of a transcendent being. In the briefest of exchanges you can see that flash of recognition in the face of another who knows your secret. That is because they have it too. And then you really know you are not alone.


Edited by Brianna Bemel


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