February 2, 2012

Create Your Story Now. ~ Sheila Singh

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I realized my story could change. I just had to want to change. I had to choose to change it. We all have stories we identify with, but stories are merely a set of thoughts in a given moment of time. They don’t have to stay with us.

For the longest time I boxed myself into believing I was a very analytical, logical person. With the encouragement of my parents, I pursued the sciences and engineering. And I enjoyed it, but I never really allowed myself to be expressive in a creative way in the form of art or words. And it wasn’t because I couldn’t, but partly because I just didn’t think that was me. It was the story I told myself. It was the story I stuck with for a long time or rather a story I got stuck in. But thankfully through yoga, through the process of peeling away the layers, looking at myself in a more honest way, allowing myself to be as vulnerable as I had ever been, my story began to change.

Where are you stuck? What story are you choosing? What story will your life convey? Choose now.


Sheila Singh is inspired by many traditions of yoga and sees her yoga mat as a place for her to let go and drop into her body and mind and ultimately open into spirit. She hopes to hold a space for students to do the same. Sheila views the practice as a mindful dance between breath, movement and drishti. Sheila loves that yoga is truly a philosophy on how to lead your life with a greater sense of awareness and intention. It goes beyond the physical practice and helps to guide practitioners in every aspect of life. For Sheila, her yoga practice has enabled her to remain true to herself and embody a deep sense of awareness, acceptance and love through everything that life brings her way.Most importantly Sheila continues to be a student and is inspired by the wonderful community of teachers in Austin. When she is not practicing yoga, Sheila loves spending time with her two girls, her husband and beautiful circle of friends. www.sheilasingh.com




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Read 6 comments and reply

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