Ego is the Cause of all Suffering: Critical Book Review of The Science of Yoga.

Via Candice Garrett
on Feb 20, 2012
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“Ego is the cause of all suffering.” ~ A Critical Review of The Science of Yoga, by Senior Iyengar teacher Kofi Busia



About Candice Garrett

Candice Garrett is a yoga teacher, writer, foodie and mother of three from Monterey, California. She is author of "Prenatal Yoga: Finding Movement in Fullness," assistant to Female Pelvic Floor Goddess Leslie Howard and director of the Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga teacher training program. Candice teaches yoga, prenatal yoga and pelvic health with workshops nationally. You can find her teaching schedule at Candice Garrett Yoga or her love of food at The Yogic Kitchen


11 Responses to “Ego is the Cause of all Suffering: Critical Book Review of The Science of Yoga.”

  1. Candice Garrett says:

    "Sandwood Yoga." Best analogy ever.

  2. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    Thanks for sharing this Candice!!

    Posting to Elephant Yoga on Facebook and Twitter.

    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  3. ValCarruthers says:

    LOVE this, Candice. Kofi Busia scores homers all the way thru.

  4. lisa says:

    best review so far….thanks!

  5. …which is basically what the Gita says too.

  6. nice find, Candice…Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Spirituality Homepage.

    Braja Sorensen
    Lost & Found in India
    Editor, Elephant Spirituality
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  7. Candice Garrett says:

    Thanks Braja, Kofi is my teacher and I could sit at his feet for a hundred years and never know as much as he does. He's a fellow who really gets it and I am so thankful to share something of him here.

  8. camellayoga says:

    yeah! and he has an accent I can understand. Nice insight! thanks Candice.

  9. camellayoga says:

    ps….I am still with Patanjali, Its about forgetfulness of our true nature. The failure to know that initiates 'asmita' or ego.

  10. Candice Garrett says:

    ha! you're adorable, I love your accent too!

  11. […] Religious doctrines and spiritual philosophies throughout the ages have pointed a finger at the ego as agent for all human suffering. […]