Facebook Parenting: This Man May Be Insane. {Video}

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Feb 10, 2012
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I was sort of blown away-no pun intended- when I watched this video that has basically gone viral pretty quickly. While I am sure this man thought he was having harmless fun, to those of us in the real world-you know the ones who don’t point and shot guns at things- he was way out of line.  OK watch first:

The video is entitled: “Facebook Parenting: For The Troubled Teen”

His daughter was doing some ranting and raving yes, but what the hell kind of example are you setting here? Really? Did this man really just unload a clip into his daughter’s laptop. I think he’s unstable, completely unstable.Maybe instead of ruining a perfectly good laptop he could have mad his daughter donate it to someone, be it a person or an organization, that needed it. I can think of about ten things off the top of my head that I would do BEFORE I ever even thought about doing this. I have an eleven year old, I know how hard it can be to get your point across but come on dude, have some common sense.

What do you think?


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11 Responses to “Facebook Parenting: This Man May Be Insane. {Video}”

  1. Rhonda Leigh says:

    ‎~i am mixed!… don’t get me wrong- not with the bullet holes in the Laptop…(6months down he will get her a pink one) lol ….(that is Southern dads)! What concerns me is allowing some freedom…FB or any of the other forms of social media used by teens should be taken some what tongue and cheek. I don’t use twitter for that reason my daughters do with their peers…we have to allow our kids to grow in this social media era… serioulsy didn’t we ALL think our parents were some what of a douche bag?!…the kid did at least block the parent…haha

  2. I love that he's smoking a cigarette nice role-model.

    I don't know, MAYBE if more parents blew holes in their kid's laptop we would start to see less entitlement mentality 🙂
    sure donating it makes more sense on one level but I don't think he's "unstable" just an old school dad working hard for a spoiled kid (most likely his own fault but that's another oprah) making a point.

    What I thought was "funny" is this is his idea of a "troubled teen" — a kid complaining about work — god forbid she become truly rebellious and do something bad 🙁

  3. paulmorris says:

    I think he was just very frustrated with the computer upgrades, which can make anyone emotionally disturbed, plus considering that at 15 he was living alone, attending college and high school, with two jobs and also a volunteer fireman, his resorting to such violent and manipulative giveth taketh games is perhaps no surprise. I wonder though in what situations externally imposed austerity works, and doesn't just breed resentment?

  4. Rhonda Leigh says:

    @paulmorris you left out up hill in the SNOW both ways!… :}

  5. Lori Jo Vest says:

    He was definitely over the top and this approach will simply lead his daughter to hide more of her antics from him. Sure, take away the laptop and have a serious conversation about inappropriate venting on social media, but to get this angry at typical 15yo behavior is completely unproductive. He feels better and she learns to keep even more secrets from dad.

  6. Sean says:

    I have a very spoiled daughter that my wife and I do our best to stay on top of. She is on Facebook and we monitor her posts and comments weekly. She understands that it is not her fb acct, her name is on it but she has no privacy with it connected to us. I do feel the man in the videos frustration with doing everything he can for his family and daughter and being met with disrespect and ungratefullness. I might have used a shotgun on the laptop…..

  7. skink says:

    As a parent of an out of control teenaged girl – We tried every approach from every book. The second line of the article, "…I am sure this man thought he was having harmless fun…" assumes too much. He wasn't having fun, he was issuing punishment. Maybe, just maybe, now his daughter will understand finally what she did was wrong.

    I'm 100% behind this guy. Except for the smoking part…

  8. Jim G. says:

    This video made me shudder, taking me back to the worst parts of my own childhood. Apart from the senseless violence this man displayed in emptying an entire clip into a perfectly functioning laptop, his body language and hesitant speech betrayed a seething anger that he was barely controlling. If I were his daughter, this would cause me to lose all respect for him and to turn inward in a very unhealthy way. From the sound of it, she is already well on her way in response to previous experiences with him.

    It is not just unproductive but *counterproductive* to publicly shame a misbehaving child, to teach them to address interpersonal issues with passive-aggressive behavior, and to dismiss their feelings without discussion … However misguided they may be. You show them love and live your own life–even while correcting poor behavior–in a way that you would be glad for them to imitate.

  9. Laura says:

    I have mixed feelings too. One part of me wonders about a father & role model who owns exploding bullets – what kind of person needs those? But I get that he is angry & his daughter has been extremely disrespectful to him, his wife & housekeeper. I'm sure he got her attention! We don't know this guy, what his history is with setting limits, so I'm inclined to take it easy on him.

  10. I have commented on many posts by others of this video where the person says "Way to go" and "Love this." My comments state what a poor example he set. Wonder where she learned to be so reactive?

    Shooting the laptop did nothing to teach her anything about processing her emotions in a healthy manner or making healthy decisions for her life. It only fed into and escalated the unhealthy cycle between her and her parents. It accomplished nothing for either of them and totally wasted a good laptop. Give it to someone who will appreciate it and can use it. Sheesh!

  11. Susan says:

    While he has a point(the post was disrespectful), making a video and shooting her laptop is idiotic, childish, and will only create more problems than solve them. It's not like that is the only way she can get on the internet or the only way she can express her feelings.