Fox News’ Liz Trotta: Women Are Being Raped In the Military, What Did You Expect?

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Feb 16, 2012
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I was asked to sign a petition today calling for the removal of journalist Liz Trotta’s job from Fox news.

Here’s why:

First of all let me point out that this woman’s mere tone while discussing this sensitive issue was condescending enough for me to have a hard time even listening to her. News flash Liz, no one wants to be a victim and it’s unfortunate but possible to be a warrior and a victim at the same time. The absurdity in this woman insinuating that men can’t control themselves enough to not rape a woman when working side by side with them is mortifying but the fact that she also leads you to assume that she thinks women are responsible in someway for these crimes is so outlandish, and unfortunately also a common viewpoint that needs to be fixed, it makes me want to pull my hair out.

Let’s talk for a second about the feminists making the government spend money on things like sexual counselors, victims advocates and sexual response coordinators. Why she labels this extreme feminism I am not sure but she makes it seem as if being raped is not a big deal. What would the alternative be to this? Should we not have resources for healing readily available? That’s right, according to this brilliant woman, people who are fighting the war need no protection because they are “supposed to be protecting us.”

Oh yeah, and then there is the disgusting fact that these crimes have risen a shocking 64% since 2006. But please, spend less money on the prevention and treatment (not sure if I like the term treatment) of sexual crimes. I know I am not going crazy here, this whole segment is completely ridiculous, but I am interested in hearing what the community has to say about this. Please, let me know below are you viewing this the same way I am? Does everyone else hear this woman saying that women should not be in the military because they are being raped “too much”?


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5 Responses to “Fox News’ Liz Trotta: Women Are Being Raped In the Military, What Did You Expect?”

  1. missbernklau says:

    They talked about this on The Daily Show the other day I definitely had no other words other than “what the fuck?!” Even never knowing a rape victim, as a human being how can you treat victims like it’s their fault? Not to mention insulting men everywhere in the same breath basically saying it’s innate for men to want to rape women. Yeah, I agree with you, makes me want to rip my hair out too.

  2. From FB:

    Dan De Santis just whack their little testosterone filled penises off!
    10 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Vashti Puls No one ever deserves to be raped
    8 minutes ago · Like

    Susi Sahlman war crime not friendly fire!!!!!!
    4 minutes ago · Like

    David A Rivera Castration makes a killer
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Richard B. Romig One rape is too much. Quit blaming the victims and protecting the perpetrators.
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Summer Guthrie What a lunatic

  3. randolphr says:

    Is there an equivalency here for "Uncle Tom" ?

    Is there perhaps a cayenne based idiocide that can be
    applied once every few months for this sort of person ?

    Yet, the knowledge that within a simple & fair debate context
    this sad soul could be thriftly shredded to the stalks of her
    stark ignorance remains at the moment my only consolation.

    Were there to be an index of wrongs, this person would challenge
    the best of minds tasked to create one.

  4. Unbelievable! Her stance on rape in the military is soooo abrasive I don't even know where to start!

    If I were a shrink and had to guess as to why she sounds like this, I would probably say she has most likely suffered through a rape herself, in her past, and instead of getting help (for shame, fear and other such reasons), she told herself (as many from her generation do) to "toughen up and take it!".

    And now, when she sees these rape victims in the military receiving help, she may subconsciously feel jealous that they are getting the attention and care she once failed to give herself. I detect anger in her tone. It has to be more than just ignorance or insensitivity. I think she has a rape trauma of her own she has YET to process!

    Nothing bothers me more than when journalists import their own issues into the perspectives they inject their news reports with. Granted, this WAS a "commentary", but a most intolerable one indeed!

    I will GLADLY sign that petition for her removal, as her commentary supports such violence upon women. Thank you for sharing this Jennifer!

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