RIP Davy Jones.

Via Lindsey Block
on Feb 29, 2012
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“Great, now everyone is suddenly a Monkees fan.”

But seriously, 66 is way too young.

And, I’m too young to have really appreciated The Monkees but who couldn’t love these classics.


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3 Responses to “RIP Davy Jones.”

  1. I am NOT too young…had a serious crush on on Mr. Davy Jones…. OK it was re-runs…but still I am sure I watched every episode at least 3 times 🙂

    RIP—way to young to go.

  2. I also now have the sudden urge to watch some patridge family re-runs as well…

  3. hahahaha :))) that got me :))

    I'm not too young either; I used to watch them all the time, and I know all their songs; I'm a 60s child, they were part of my whole youth, and Davy Jones' was sweet….he was also the first husband of a woman I worked with in Australia years back….