Cinema’s 10 Sexiest Dances.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 12, 2012
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Did I miss one? Or five? These 10 (or so) are off the top of my head. Hit me with your favorite in comments, you get 10 uparrows and I’ll add it in.


First? Duh:


Uh, that could go on longer, I said, after watching this:


Sexy? Maybe not. But classy and elegant and athletic and fun and snarky is the ultimate sexy:




Food fight? Nah, hot lunch (gotta include Fame!)



Noble, savage, elegant, heartrending…lust:


Not so sexy, but so cool:


Romance…love…danger…social commentary and style…wit…it’s Bernstein.

Bonus: (not dances, but…romance distilled)


Not a couple, but sexy, timeless, fun and awesome:

He takes over the floor: (couldn’t find HD)


Bringing it back to romance:


Bonus: Softcore for Chick Flick lovers of any gender:

Bonus, via Amber in comment section below:


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15 Responses to “Cinema’s 10 Sexiest Dances.”

  1. Amber says:

    Sorry please delete that wrong link, Waylon. I’ll repost in another comment.

  2. Miz James says:

    I've always loved Christopher Walken's sexy tap-dance strip-tease to "Let's Misbehave".

  3. Amber says:

    Love your 10 but you definitely missed this:

  4. One of my faves:

    And loved this nod to Dirty Dancing in Crazy Stupid Love:

  5. elephantjournal says:

    Incredible. Adding it in.

  6. […] hey, don’t sleep forever. Shouldn’t we dance a little? My mouth is dry, I need a revolution. And you know how it is with water, you must have it […]

  7. Andréa Balt says:

    Here's mine:

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  8. Not a couple dance, but classic/sexy/fun for sure:

  9. Rebecca says:

    I offer Richard Gere and J Lo:

  10. Lisa says:

    Howzabout Ms. Holly Hunter in Living Out Loud:

  11. elephantjournal says:

    Looooove that R & J.

  12. Greeneyezz says:

    Oh yes you forgot one… Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crowne Affair, esp. after 1:19

  13. devacat says:

    Baryshnikov in White Nights.–LbFRO8SQQ

  14. Karen says:

    You missed William Holden in Picnic