February 23, 2012

If money is speech, & corporations are people, the people have spoken.

And apparently the old-fashioned definition of “people” don’t like Romney, though they give in equal proportion to the other GOP candidates, and overwhelmingly to President Obama.

So for all those liberals who thinks Obama has sold out, apparently he ain’t very good at convincing corporations of such.

This Candidate, brought to you by…

“As you can see, Romney is the clear anomaly by a long shot, raising nearly 90 percent of his total haul from larger contributions. By contrast, only around 40% of Obama’s donations are from individuals who have given more than $200 total and his smaller contributors alone raised more money in total than Romney’s entire fundraising operation. For the rest of the Republican field, the ratio is somewhere closer to 50-50…”

For more: Mother Jones via Wonklife via TPM.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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