Love is the Color of a Rainbow.

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Feb 9, 2012
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Love is the Color of a Rainbow, written by Kathy Parra, is a sweet story about Willow, a little girl who has been blind since birth. Hearing the pit-pats of the first summer rain, she quickly encourages her Mama to go outside where Willow experiences each color of the rainbow through the sounds, smells and texture of nature.

The poetic narrative and wonderful illustrations drew me in and held me captive. Here’s an excerpt:

We stopped underneath our willow tree. I know this because of the whistling sound it makes when the wind whispers through it.

Mama said, “The willow tree has green leaves. The wind sways them back and forth.”

I felt the leaves brush gently against my face and the leaves slip through my fingers. “Mama, Nature is speaking to me! Green feels gentle.”

I almost forgot this was a children’s book!

My friend interviewed her son, who’s in kindergarten, about the book:

What did you like best about the book?
“The colorful illustrations.”

Did you like how the author compared colors to emotions or feelings? “Yes, I think that’s a great way to try to explain colors to someone who’s blind and has never seen them”.

What was your favorite color/feeling in the book? “Red tomatoes because it reminds me of eating cherry tomatoes out of Oma’s garden and when you bite on them they explode in your mouth.”

My son, Ethan, is not into reading picture books anymore (he’s almost 11), but enjoyed the story. The most I could get out of him was, “It’s good.” Although his eyes gave away more. And, based on his favorite books from years gone by, I’m sure this would have been a bedtime favorite!

I definitely recommend Love is the Color of a Rainbow. It’s printed on tree free/ 100% Post Consumer Waste paper and a portion of the proceeds will support nature and environmental organizations. You can purchase it at

Find out how you can win your own Love is the Color of a Rainbow by clicking here.

“Enjoy this delightful book with your children, or just by yourself. A beautiful story with gorgeous illustrations.” ~Ed Begley, Jr.

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