Struggle, a Poem.

Via Temple Fiergola
on Feb 23, 2012
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On the mat

Expecting bliss

As I tend to do once in a while

Instead she comes in

And it becomes a battle of egos

She and I

Teachers, facing off

Although perhaps I was the only one who knew it

Rolling my eyes as she taught

Too quickly, too jubilantly, with face turned away from us

Instead of quietly rolling up my mat

And leaving the situation

I stayed, embarrassed that I would judge her in this way

I stayed, embarrassed that I might be judged if I left

Weak, unable

So I stayed

I began ujjayi

I moved with the rhythm of my breath, not the voice of the

I left it outside

I became my teacher

Building heat, churning prana

and seeking the light.

My Ego quietly shut her eyes once again, sleeping quietly

Allowing my Wisest Self to take her rightful place

on the mat.


About Temple Fiergola

Temple Fiergola is a 500 hour certified and registered yoga teacher in Hartford, Connecticut. The practice of yoga has been the difference between being lost and finding herself, whole and complete, wounded and gorgeous, healing and exactly where she needs to be. She has been writing for 30 years, and has been published in The Poetry of Yoga, Volume 2. Learn more about Temple at on her website.


8 Responses to “Struggle, a Poem.”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

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  2. Shawna says:

    this is lovely

  3. angela sheridan says:

    love this temple. I really feel we should all take responsibility for our own practice .If i have a bad yoga class which rarely happens I can rarely blame the teacher it's usually coming from my own judgments and looking outward instead of inward .Except when the yoga teacher plays pop music during savasana that really pisses me off and i cant look inward for all the noise in my head.

  4. Thank you, Shawna. I appreciate that very much.

  5. Brilliant, Angela. I know the feeling in Savasana.

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