February 14, 2012

The Garden of Life.{Article in English & Spanish}

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Creative Commons photo by .Andi.

If we see the path of life as a straight line, then we understand that going forward is evolution, progress and development. However, changing our direction, going backwards or simply deviating from the road that we thought could lead us to our goal, generates in us an often painful feeling of frustration.

By contrast, if we can allow the concept of  the road to expand, grow and transform into an open space, into a big garden of infinite possibilities, then the sense in which we move and the direction we choose to take will always be a discovery. It can be a constant exploration, a movement that brings us closer to the pulsation of consciousness, to the natural flow, to the expansion and contraction that is the dance of creation, of the powerful creation, of the great garden that we are all part. Each one of us is an essential component of this great garden, but at the same time we are part of our own smaller gardens, with fruits, seeds and flowers of all different types and colors.

Creative Commons Photo by EssjayNZ.

Like any garden, ours needs to be cultivated in order to bear its best fruits and to express all its beauty, which then enables us to nurture and fully enjoy their abundance and richness. In this new year, it is worth it to stop, take a pause and feel which is the best way to care for our garden, what we want to grow in it and how can we enjoy it.

The yoga practice offers us a unique space to plant all the seeds that we wish to see growing in our heart throughout the whole year. Seeds of consciousness (chit) and bliss (ananda) are indispensable in the constant co-creation of the garden in which we live.

In my personal case, Anusara Yoga, with its Universal Principles of Alignment, has given me the tools of self-care as much as of joy, aligning and connecting me with the optimal pattern, with that energetic blueprint where bliss is manifested in every petal of that masterful garden of creation.

Article prepared by Jeannie Page.

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