The last thing we want to do is love.

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on Feb 14, 2012
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Love. What do I have to say about love?

‎”In the midst of total uncertainty, we can love.”

This is what Terrance Keenan has to say.

He doesn’t say, we can feel that we are loved.

He says, we can love.

Easier said than done.

And yet… What is the alternative? Closing down. Putting up walls. Looking after ourselves. Not seeing the pain of the other, not being softened by the pain of others, not dissolving into scary sweetness…

This is all sounding a bit abstract. What does this mean to me today?

It means that I allow the news I got earlier today, about a relative who is very poorly, soak into me. It means that I feel, for a second, the fear she might be feeling, the suffering. It means I feel frightened by sickness and death. It means that I cry tears for her, and for everyone else.

It means I look again at the sunshine pouring in through the window and feel grateful, grateful that she will be OK. Grateful for this cup of earl grey, this old sofa, this cherry-red laptop. For you, reading my words wherever you are.

Grateful for all we have, this shining day. Grateful that, in the time we have, in the midst of uncertainty, we can love each other as best we can.

Happy Valentines, dear Elephant Journal readers. Love each other as best you can.

PS will you indulge me & allow me a slightly-soppy- ‘LOVE YOU KASPA’ to my husband? : )  


‘String of Hearts’ by aussiegal, with gratitude.


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2 Responses to “The last thing we want to do is love.”

  1. Love it! Just posted on the main elephantjournal facebook page. Cheers!

  2. Fiona Robyn says:

    Thanks Lynn. Happy Valentine's Day to you & all!