Vegan Mythology. ~ Kate Bartolotta & Waylon Lewis

Via elephant journal
on Feb 28, 2012
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(Infographic: Pinterest)

{The intimidated, imperfect newbie vegans debunk a few myths.}


Kate says:

So the main thing that comes to mind for me is the protein issue. It’s the first thing everyone asks because, you know, in America we’re big on protein. When people ask, I’m tempted to say something rude. But instead, I usually explain that there are many whole food vegan sources from protein. I’m not a huge soy fan. I do love beans and high protein grains like quinoa, teff and amaranth.

I would love to find a good vegan protein powder for in my smoothies. I’ve used Vega, which I like, but is expensive. I’ve used Whole Foods 365 Rice Protein Powder which was less expensive (and unfortunately also less tasty). A commenter on our previous post mentioned hemp protein which I have yet to try.

The amount of protein we need is pretty widely debated from The China Study which indicates we might need much less than the FDA tells us, to those that tout eating Paleo style like some of our ancestors and eating mostly protein and fat. Personally, I skip all that and pay attention to what my body is telling me instead.




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8 Responses to “Vegan Mythology. ~ Kate Bartolotta & Waylon Lewis”

  1. karlsaliter says:

    I like Trader Joes Hemp powder, throw it into smoothies with cacao chips and bannanas from my lover's bannana tree. (Seriously.)
    It tastes good, which may be why I use it, because I don't worry about protein at all. I love beans and rice, and combine them often in my meals. The poster is cool Kate but kinda hard to read.
    Ivory King puts it beautifully in her song:

  2. Nice–sounds delicious! I debated making the poster a little bigger…but then it was just ginormous!

  3. tatumann says:

    Kate, I love this! I'm going to print these in wallet size and laminate them so I can hand them out to all of the people who go "how are you getting enough protein?" Uh, I eat it. Great poster!

  4. Jill Barth says:

    I posted this to the Elephant Green Facebook page. Thanks for sharing!

    Jill Barth, Green Editor
    Join us! Like Elephant Green on Facebook

  5. Exactly! Umm, hey dude eating that Big Mac…how do you get your vitamin C?

  6. I like my vegan rice protein — nutrobiotic — trying their "full spectrum" powder with extra nutrients, only do the vanilla everything else (especially chocolate is nasty) I add chia seeds for a boost.
    I can't do soy (allergy) Hemp is OK but I've not had luck with the pea protein ewww.

  7. yeah this poster makes me sad…too much soy…:(