World Yoga Day Supports Reporters Without Borders.

Via Tanya Lee Markul
on Feb 26, 2012
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February 26, 2012 has been deemed, World Yoga Day. Hundreds, maybe thousands, will bend, twist, breathe and flow for two hours (11-12 in their local time zone) to support Reporters Without Borders, an international organisation that stands for freedom of press.

History has shown the crucial role of journalists reporting from war zones and areas of crisis. Without their endeavor to find out and report the truth no change for the better is possible.

The following contains extreme violence:

Today, more than 200 yoga studios are participating worldwide. Here’s one of them…

Yogacentralen in Frederiksberg, Denmark, the studio where I teach, more than twenty-five people participated today to support this important cause:


The Ego Eradicator pose (above).


Om Asato Ma Sat Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Lead Us From the Unreal To Real,
Lead Us From Darkness To Light,
Lead Us From Death To Immortality,
Aum (the universal sound of God)
Let There Be Peace Peace Peace.


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5 Responses to “World Yoga Day Supports Reporters Without Borders.”

  1. Katherine says:

    Please add an extreme violence warning prior to the 3rd video.

  2. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    Done! Thanks Katherine!

  3. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    Thank you Lorin!

  4. mkchd says:

    Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

  5. WYD Team says:

    Thank you for sharing, Katherine! In 2012 we collected USD 18,636 (EUR 14.481) in donations for Reporters Without Borders. Thanks to everybody who made this possible! Why not join us for the next Yoga "Marathon" at WORLD YOGA DAY 2013 on Sunday, 24th February for FIAN International – with Human Rights against Hunger! Namaste, WYD Team, Sonja