February 21, 2012

Would You Eat A Dog? {Video/Review} ~ Kelly Brichta

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What about eating a dog?

“Eating animals has an invisible quality. Thinking about dogs, and their relationship to the animals we eat, is one way of looking askance and making something invisible visible.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer introduces the reader to the topic of eating animals with the question of eating man’s best friend. As much as we may deny it, he does bring up a good point.

Watch to see how people respond to eating dogs and a review by three of my friends who have read Eating Animals.

You will not only get the perspective from students who have read the book, but also from those who have never even heard of it and one who is only part way through.



My own short response:

My dogs

I have learned plenty about the food industry, but Eating Animals allowed me to learn through someone’s own discoveries and research. Reading through Jonathan Foer’s personal stories has impacted me so much as to tweak my own lifestyle.

After reading the book and listening to other perspectives, I have come to similar conclusions about eating dogs. I am willing to eat dog meat, but I am not quite sure I would eat my own dogs, Abby and Reba…

Logically—I can’t think of a reason not to. Morally—would eating my dog be better than ordering a steak?

Am I being wasteful with the meat she could provide? Would I be ignorant if I ate some cow, pig or chicken that has been raised on a factory farm? If I ate my dog, I feel that it would force me to love and appreciate meat, where it comes from and the life it lived. The whole world can’t be vegetarian or vegan, so how would eating dogs help? It might create a relationship between people and the animals we eat that is—now—less common.


Kelly Brichta is a freshman attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in Environmental Studies. Also an artist, she spreads awareness through her work. Her desire to reach a broader audience is what currently drives her to reach the ultimate goal of environmental documentary filmmaking. Kelly is an avid learner whose curiosity will hopefully lead her to many surmounted discoveries. If you wish to do so, follow her on twitter or view some of her art.

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