Yoga & Art: A Visual Metaphor.

Via The Global Yogini
on Feb 29, 2012
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Art empowers my creativity. It helps me distill the meaning of Yoga in my life.

For me, great art is the reflection of our spiritual growth, a window to the world, a magnificent view observed through the eyes of each of us, unique beings. It touches something essential in human nature, a common reference ground for our imagination and aesthetic sense.

Using the visual metaphor of my body as a canvas splashed with energetical brushstrokes, I tried to portray the strong rhythmic vitality that I attain on and off my mat.

I sense Yoga as an incredible art of the spirit, which seeks to create an altogether new destiny, our own ‘Self’ essence. As I flow, I feel deeply connected to the intelligence of my body and heart; my mind feels powerful as my breath cultivates delightful tranquility.

As I continue to assimilate the philosophy of Yoga, I feel the harmony in motion, where the paradoxes of our world cohere and where my sixth (or kinesthetic sense—that of physical and spiritual energies) is fully stimulated.

I sense the way in which difficulties turn into multiple inspirations, and through which I have the freedom to continue creating aesthetic value; I practice yoga art as an eternal spiritual journey towards cultivating inner peace, wisdom, and my own true essence.


Art Pieces : Barbara Morgan

Free Flowing Apparel by: Laura Daza – passionate designer/artist of environmental and emotional textile surfaces/dedicated yogini/dancer.

Photography by: Alexandra Meurant -Paris-based photographer/creator of AZ Studio.

Music by: Thomas Newman, American Beauty ; The Tree of Life Official Soundtrack



Editor: Andrea B.




About The Global Yogini

Carolina Daza is a multi-faceted artist and globe-trotter spreading her love for yoga and the arts in a uniquely creative way. She completed her 500HR Ashtanga Yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance) in Paris with Gérald Disse & Linda Munro at Ashtanga Yoga Paris and has been leading retreats for numerous years. Carolina has a Master's in Contemporary Arts from the Université Paris VIII and completed a second Master's of Arts at New York University (NYU). While her studies at NYU, she lived at the Bhakti Center prime ashram in the Lower East Side of Manhattan together with her teacher Divya Alter, founder of the Bhagavat Life. Carolina has studied with senior level Ashtanga Yoga teachers such as Chuck Miller, Ron Reid, David Garrigues and Kino MacGregor. Besides her artistic projects, she is also part of a worldwide community of creative wellness, organizing Yoga journeys and workshops around the globe. Currently she is based in Medellín, Colombia.


12 Responses to “Yoga & Art: A Visual Metaphor.”

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    I love your view of art as a "window to the world" and how you contemplate yourself through it with the help of yoga. Thank you for this! Timely. 🙂

    Just posted to "Featured Today" on elephant culture.

    Andréa Balt, editor elephant culture.
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  2. Thank you Andréa! I think the most exciting part is to sense the connection with all living inspired by yoga; especially attempting to distill and apply its grand and fascinating philosophy in our day to day lives; art always gives us a hand to express creatively!

  3. Alejandra says:

    te felicito amiga! eres una inspiracion para todos de como apreciar nuestros cuerpos y vivir la vida! la creatividad y la imaginacion es algo poderoso que nos puede llevar a lo q queramos! q sigas triunfando!!! tqm!

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  5. GRACIAS amiga! Me inspira mucho que también sientas la convicción de construir una vida más sana y creativa 🙂

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