February 4, 2012

Your Brain. Who’s in Charge?

Via Daily Transformations

So, who’s going to be in charge of your life? You or your brain? Here’s a huge secret to it’s functionality.

Your amazing brain with all of it’s many functions and miracles can control your life in ways that can be misleading if you don’t watch it.
Sounds like a catch 22 doesn’t it?  Trying to control your brain is a daunting task unless you pay attention.

Without getting too technical I’ll share it this way:
There are two factors in your brain.  R and G.  Think of them as R for realization and G for GO.

When R thinks a thought, G goes out and looks for proof to substantiate that thought.  Seems G has R’s back and will do anything to prove R correct.
Remember the saying “looking at life through rose colored glasses”?  Well it’s true.
Any thought you think in that head of yours by R is heard by G.

G immediately goes out and starts evaluating everything it sees, hears, and feels to prove R right.

I’ve been thinking (no pun intended) on this and it’s life altering once you get it.  How many times have you considered a future event based on a fear?  Unbeknownst to any of us; G is out there in the world looking for proof that our fears are correct.  No wonder fear builds and expands upon itself; spreading like a slow virus out of control.

Think about the ramification this can have on our close personal relationships; even our professional ones. How many times has someone we love hurt or angered us and we come up with assumptions about them that G then goes about looking for proof over and over to make the current toxic thought true?

They say people can change but do we really let them in our heads?  What we think about someone in our life, whether in a good or bad way, G is up there constantly evaluating them to prove your initial thought true.

This also works for us if we let it.  Think good, happy, abundant, healthy, loving thoughts and G is out there looking for proof that all is well in our world.
This is why so many positive thinking experts stress the importance of our thoughts.  Our thoughts literally shape the world we see.

On the flip side.  Think thoughts like “oh the world is falling apart” and G will go out to find proof to substantiate R’s belief that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

This is why  falling in love makes the whole world beautiful.  We see love in our partner and R declares that the world is lovely.  G then goes out looking for proof and suddenly we’re flooded with love in every direction. Colors are brighter, smells are sweeter and the world around us is a beautiful place to be.

Science has now proven what spiritual teachings support; we actually do create the world around us to match our inner thought patterns.  So who’s going to be in charge?  You, or your brain?

Perhaps that old saying “fake it till you make it” is accurate.  Thinking good thoughts, even lying to yourself that you are happy, fit, rich, in love, healthy, etc etc; even if you’re not, will get that G factor on the move and out looking for proof.
Now I understand why it’s so important to look for things to appreciate in your life every day.  It’s up to you and me to control G.


~photo by me

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