March 2, 2012

A Police Officer with an Exquisite Practice. ~ Photographed by Robert Sturman

Yep, he’s a real police officer—refers to himself as an officer of the peace and is highly respected in the department. We practice yoga together in Los Angeles. And, in the name of Art, he’s posing in full uniform—guns, baton, and mala beads.
More officers than one would imagine are complementing their physical conditioning with a serious yoga practice, which includes meditation.

Now that’s badass.



Hand-Altered SX70 Polaroids by Robert Sturman.

The Yogi you would want to get pulled over by: Officer Milosevich


Everybody’s doin’ it. Check out the Prisoners from San Quentin gettin’ their yoga on.

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Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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Read 11 comments and reply

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