March 22, 2012

Counterbalancing the Twaddle Talked About Chakras. ~ Simon Hollington


Counterbalancing the Twaddle Talked About Chakras: Part Two

Isn’t it bizarre to think that we walk around without really understanding what’s going on in our bodies or how we can be a part of our own biological interaction, even altering our own DNA, sending out pheromones, working with our autonomic nervous system, creating health, expanding consciousness, enacting our lost powers, resulting in being able to draw towards us what we need. And in so doing we put an end to our isolation: the loneliness and separation that is endemic.

“I think we are frightened every moment of our lives until we know him.” -Hafiz (1320-1389)

At last we can mature and move away from spurious belief systems, charismatic teachers, and the wasted energy of debate around unscientific religious systems. The Universe is inside us  and that is where we need to boldly go. Once you find it, the debate is over.

Chakras are/were the means to diagnose and balance your emotional and physical well-being, creating a free-mind, communicating with our future via pheromones, while resolving our past via the ancestral memory contained in the kidney fat.

Each chakra forms part of a philosophical pyramid, relating directly to our biology—whether it’s to connect to mother earth in Mooladhara, and know that all things are sacred, which leads to trust in Swadestan, then to innocence in Maniparaka, and allow compassion in Anahart, and thus be able to accept true power in Vissudhi, then to change our paradigm in Agnia; and thus having balanced all of this, surrender safely in Sahassara. These are not arbitrary philosophical stepping stones but relate to the biological emotion tendency of the plexus/element, one leading to the other in logical sequence.

When we enliven our Siddhis (innate but suppressed powers) we break free of the restrictive paradigm with its limiting beliefs based on what we can see hear and label. Levitation, why is that so remarkable compared to sending emails or using a mobile phone, flying or watching images on a screen? It’s a matter of controlling and re-distribution of energy. (The Skoda car company produced flying saucers during the Second World War based on new principles of flight.)

The danger from the religious-political point of view is you, the individual, begin to see very clearly what is true and what is propaganda by developing a mind that is free of the entrapments of corporations, you actually fully inhabit yourself ‘morally’ or observationally, because energy or hormonal movement demands clarity.

It’s just as relevant, if not more so, to know about the extraction, through the digestive system, of the alcohols, oils, and salts, the very essence of our make-up, as it is about the names of the ligaments and muscle groups we use to go into trickonasana. It is these essences that are used to clear the way, then to establish and fix the matrix of the chakra, and for this you will need the safe hands of a teacher who has done the journey going up to enlightenment and more importantly, coming back down into realisation.

Visually chakras are pictorial archetypes laid down in the etheric over ten of thousands of years, there many school and many systems, but in tantric alchemy, for example, it is usual to work with seven electromagnetic lotus and vortex shaped yantra interfaces, which vary in different parts of the world.

The Australian aborigines use deities in human form that correspond to the elements, and rather than having a pious relationship, they are mates with them, and probably have one the oldest system of interaction with elemental based deities laid down over 60,000 years or more.

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Chakras are set in a musical-scale (we are music) which physically resonates in the yab-yum of harmonics offering access, via sound to a frequency, that allows other realms to assist betwixt and between, (M theory). Vibrations outside of our matrix, as it were. When you are able to feel, see and smell the chakra, then it is set, until that time the matrix will come and go according to your input of cleaning and setting with alcohols, oils, salts, and sound.

Below is a brief and incomplete overview of electromagnetic centres of power, there are many system with different position given for various chakras: these are taken from the chakras of alchemical tantric yoga tradition as taught by John Burke. 

Mooladhara, Earth (seed mantra: Lam)

Each chakra inverts the internal energy, when we retain our semen at Mooladhara, (the seminal vesicles) rather than create evolution through the generations the rediscovered and then activated switch via the prostate allows us to evolve in this life time, and in turn gives us health, strength and confidence. This Chakra’s visual representation resembles the prostate gland and the lotus always related to the electromagnetic field. It is known as the store house or gathering place. The key to this chakra is knowing that all things are sacred. (Body of spirit)

Swadestan, Water (Vam)

Location: peyers patches. Releases the spirit of the food. If you invert this it gives you the ability to enhance your spirit, your life-power. In time you are able to change DNA patterns, removing diseases. Pheromones issued in Swadestan bring you relationships, whether personal or spiritual. It is referred to be the North American Indians as the looks within place.

Water has an endomorphic field, creating surface tension thus the collective unconsciousness which is consciousness of the planet.  Our ancestral patterns are held in the kidney fat, good or not so good, and with guided practise by heating the peyers patches we can learn to enhance or remove these traits. The key to this chakra is trust. (Soul of body)

Maniparaka, Fire (Ram)

Relates to the solar plexus, adrenals and pancreas, the animating power. It means independent or free mind. Through transmutation of negatives into positives, and one element into another, here poisons are neutralized. One of five fire chakras, transforming what’s food and making you out of it: the radiant centre of health creating ‘luck’ or etheric fibres and our ability to walk the song lines of the planet, the point between the micro and macro. The key to this chakra is innocence. (Spirit of body.)

Anahart, Air (Yam)

The thymus gland, the lungs and nerves; literally means the unstruck sound often mistaken as the heart chakra. Here through the yoga we have nearly completed bringing together the three essences, alcohols, oils, and salts. Here, in the centre, is the Jivatma, the perfect self, a drop of golden oil, which yearns to be transported to every single cell.

Anahart controls the attraction between the physical body and the planet. When the atrophied thymus comes back to life through the transference of oil, it resonates, often making a loud noise, this is the gland that transmutes the hormones extracted from the gonads. Here we come back to fluidity, controlling the level of our vibration bringing us to our desires, filling our receptor with positive independent hormones. The key to this chakra is compassion. (Body of soul.)

Vishudi (Ham)

Acceptance of power. The thyroid and the parathyroid, controlling the alkalinity and acidity. The thyroid distributes hormones and programmes to every cell. It controls vibration (voice) if you invert it beyond the speed of light you are able to move to another dimension. When operating fully it integrates the oils/hormones already on their way to the pituitary. (Soul of soul.)

Agnia (Ohm)

Self-awareness and spherical logic taking us into universal consciousness, the lens of lenses. The pituitary and pineal gland working in conjunction: uniting the two hemisphere’s of the brain, and the point where intellect and the emotions—the right and left brains are in harmony.

The infinity symbol resembles the wings of pituitary gland which will eventually push itself forward and project upwards, to facilitate the pineal gland ability to open the crown chakra, which is like a basket shaped inverted net (pointing upwards when opened.) This is the planetary bridge between worlds, with the ability to see in microscopic form or macroscopic form. Most computers are binary; this facility has five levels or dimensions of intelligence and interacts as filter between the superego and our meta-identities giving them the means to communicate with us. The key to this chakra is the willingness to change your paradigm. (Spirit of soul.)

Sasahsara So Hum (men) or Swah Hum (women) or simply I am

Integration and mutual surrender to the planet, the planet also surrenders to you. The willingness to look after the planet because you love the planet, with no agenda  other than to be of service. There are two chakras above the crown: body of spirit/soul of spirit /spirit of spirit, father son and Holy Ghost, Vishnu Shiva Brahma, etc. There are as many petals in Sasashara as there are stars in the heaven, so say the tantricas. The willingness of a rain drop to become the ocean. Realizing you are the planet. Letting go and letting God. (Body of spirit.)

Note—each chakra has a yabyum mantra, for example lam/long for Mooladhara, it is important to enact the yum part only with guidance, or when your teacher is assured that the Chakra has been prepared.

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 Simon Hollington is an eternal student of the tantric alchemical yogic tradition, as taught by John Burke, in the Australian bush. Thisyear, 2012, following a powerful meditation experience, Simon felt prompted to write about this subject. “Yoga in the ‘west’ needs to take the next step in the evolution of the practise,” Simon who for many was a free-lance journalist contributing to The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Sydney Morning Herald, comments, “What I have found is that most yoga magazines are in denial of the real aspects of yoga, and hide in the continuing highly detailed physical minutiae as opposed to broadening the experience of consciousness. Most systems of development on offer are incomplete to say the least.” Simon can be found on face-book where he writes a regular diary entitled Diary of a Mad Yogi.


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