March 23, 2012

Department of Oy: Laws for Sale.

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Any laws for sale? Well, all of them!

Good morning, hope all is well with you. Let’s explore the latest from The Department of Oy,  “Government for Hire”  Section, shall we?

Big news!

Instead of all the trouble with influence peddling through time-consuming dinners on yachts and  expensive vacations, you can now streamline your influence purchases and simply buy laws through a company called The American Legislative Exchange Council. How awesome is that?

The American Legislative Exchange Council has recently created a law telling teachers what to teach. Sound familiar? No, not Creationist Fiction this time, but good old magic. It’s the vanishing Climate Change Routine, like you’ve never wanted to see it before, folks.

Treehugger wrote it first, here.

This new law gives you a further sense that things are going, well, like an anchor tied to a stone. Because buying legislation is as American as censorship.

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Nothing to see here! (censored)

Now you guys know I love a good bit of censoring, if by “love,” we mean, of course, “hate with every fiber of my being.” Having been censored recently myself, I feel almost cool because it puts me in the same circle as some very cool folks, like Doonesbury.

Doonesbury wrote a handful of strips earlier this month on the new laws in Texas, requiring women to jump through various republican hoops before getting an abortion. Many newspapers in the states declined to print them. The best place to find the collection is, well, Gawker. They brought them together in one easy click here.

Reminds me of the cartoons of that big important god that some Islamic people love so much that cartoons of him were pulled under death threats. Oh yeah, that’s peaceful.

And here’s one that looks like an onion article. Fact? Fiction? You tell me, but the idea of a zebra-rhino hybrid life form coming into being from our friends at Monsanto is scary either way. And the fact that you can even wonder if it’s real is, well, spookier than a mother-in-law with a crush on you.

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So what’s a good citizen to do?

Strap your blinders on and keep ’em on, baby.

Nothing good to see here.







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