March 20, 2012

Falling into the Arms of God. ~ Sherri Rosen

Have you ever had to take a big risk? Have you ever had to dive into unknown waters where the only thing certain is that nothing is certain? It’s like you’re standing at the brink, and you have a choice. You can either linger at the edge, or you can dive off into the arms of God.

Recently I had to make a difficult decision. I could either have a knee replacement on both knees or try a new and cutting edge injection therapy called “Regenokine Therapy.” As state-of-the-art as this new therapeutic approach may be, it is novel –– so novel, that in the United States, insurance agencies will not yet cover it. It comes from scientists in Germany who are collaborating with doctors in New York City, and began here in the US last July, 2011. Although many sports stars in basketball and baseball have undergone this new treatment, it is not yet a 100% reliable approach to therapy.

No one could tell me which decision to make. Should I go through the painful process of getting a knee replacement, or should I hazard the new but promising Regenokine Therapy? There were no guarantees either way. And this is what I mean by diving off a cliff into the arms of God. As I made this challenging decision I had to have faith that this would be the right direction.

When we take risks we never know what will happen. But even if the risk ends in utter failure, there is always –– always –– something we can learn from it. We can always grow. There can be an act of grace that comes to help us learn and to flower in the midst of even the worst calamities or confusing situations. And we would have never been able to learn that without taking the risk.

We might weigh the pros and cons, we might wring our hands in uncertainty and worry, but eventually we have to make tough decisions. We have to “let her rip,” and allow the cards to fall where they may.  We have to remember that it is okay to risk, okay to not know with any comforting amount of certainty what the results will be. And you know what? It can be a beautifully challenging to live life that way. To take a leap of faith. To live boldly. To jump into the arms of God.


Editor: Lindsay Friedman


Sherri Rosen has her own publicity firm in NYC for over l2 years giving a powerful voice to people who are doing wonderful things in the world. She also writes for Gatekeeper’s Post, The Good Men Project, Her own blog, Redhead’s Blog, Triiibes, along with the wonderful elephant journal.  You can friend her on Facebook and Twitter.

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