Four Reasons Why Fish Is Good For Your Health. ~ Andrew Black

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on Mar 10, 2012
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Fish can work wonders for your health in many ways.

It provides you a sense of vitality in your life and lets you live life actively by providing you the following benefits:

1) Fish is Good for a Healthy Heart

Research shows that if you eat fish twice a week, you will reduce the risk of acquiring heart disease by 30 percent. This indicates that consuming fish is essential for both men and women in order to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases. A heart attack is basically resulted from blood clotting. An increased level of Triglycerides causes blood clotting. Fish has Omega-3 fats that help reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood.

Moreover, Omega-3 also contributes in lowering the blood pressure. Therefore, it can prevent irregular rhythms of heart beat. Salmon and Tuna are best known for delivering you maximum omega-3 fatty acids.

2) Fish Boosts Your Body’s Energy Production

The fatty acids contained in fish are one of the best contributors to the energy production of your body. They increase your physical, as well as mental, capacity. You can even combat fatigue by eating fish at least twice a week. Since its health benefits are also associated with mental functionality, it improves your level of concentration.

3) Fish Makes Your Brain and Nervous System Healthy

There has been extensive research on the benefits fish can provide for brain and nerves to function in a healthy manner. According to research conducted by Louisiana State University, reinforcing the use of fish oil in your diet can reduce signs of Schizophrenia and Depression. Along with that, it is also proved to be beneficial in terms of preventing Alzheimer’s disease (a disease causing memory loss).

In a research, participants were provided with one gram of omega-3 fatty acids for twelve weeks. When researchers compared their current data of omega-3 fatty acids consumption with that of the previous data, it was found that the participants experienced less anxiety and stress.

4) Fish Is Good For Your Skin and Hair

If you are conscious of your skin and hair, you can also consume fish in the form of fish oil capsules. These capsules work with circadian rhythms and the natural chemical receptors of your body. This way, the amount of omega-3 fatty acids is increased in your body. The higher the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your body, the better it is for your skin and hair.

Another benefit of taking fish oil is that it quickly produces collagen in the skin. This leads to a healthier and faster growth of hair. Increased production of collagen also proves to be helpful in reducing wrinkles. To sum it up, fish oil contributes in making you look and feel younger.


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6 Responses to “Four Reasons Why Fish Is Good For Your Health. ~ Andrew Black”

  1. Louise Brooks says:

    Thank you Andrew. I wholeheartedly agree with your article. My body always tells me when it needs fish just like it tells me when I need more vegetables and fruit. I can feel the nutrients from the salmon, sole, shrimp, etc refueling my body and I experience a clearer head, better skin, and overall strength.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    #5 Unless you're pregnant, in which case thanks to our environmental pollution eating fish is discouraged in all 50 US States. #6. Eating fish is not good for the health of fish. ~ Waylon

  3. Karl Saliter says:

    7, manufacturing fish is unsustainable, as is “harvesting” them.

  4. kiiran says:

    Can you speak on the tamasic effects of fish?