Germaine Greer on the C Word.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 8, 2012
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Germaine Greer, on the power of the untamed delicious sacred feminine.

To be used sparingly.

“You can make strong men go pale.”

A (female) reader just left this comment on a blog, in reply to another (female) reader:

“Don’t be a afraid of the c word.”

And she left this video link:

Germaine Greer on the etymology of “c*nt.”

Click here to see a spiritual guru type do much the same with the F word, saying it hundreds of times in this brief video.


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20 Responses to “Germaine Greer on the C Word.”

  1. In this world we have the free choice to make choices, some good some bad.

    The use of bad words is a bad choice.

    We live in a time, where there is alot of xss but very littl class.

  2. Ben_Ralston says:

    Who decides what is a 'bad' word? And if some words are bad, then some are good – can you tell me an example of a good word? Or a medium word?
    I find the very idea of good and bad words dangerous – it is a reason for censorship.

  3. yogasamurai says:

    Who ever said the "C" word was the worst word in the English language? I doubt the Black women I know would say that. And that's just the women. Was an actual poll taken? I missed it, if it was. I would say, that for invective purposes, "slut" is just as derogatory, if not more so. A "cunt" is a person who can't be so easily moved perhaps, a "bitch" to the third power? A cunt is "tough." A slut isn't. There's also a moral judgment about behavior implied? As long as we're going down this lovely path….. A lot depends on context. I can think of far worse things to call someone, man or woman.

  4. yogasamurai says:

    Compare "She's a real cunt" to, for example, "He's a real dick."
    Is the former really any worse than the latter?
    This is just "gender pleading," I think.
    I keep wondering when Greer will become germane.

  5. Candice Garrett says:

    Hey, what happened to my comment?

  6. Eric says:

    "She's a real yoni!!" 🙂

  7. Jocelyne Houghton says:

    Hey folks, if you haven't, please take the time to actually watch the videos.

    As for you, Mr. Lewis – cheers!

  8. elephantjournal says:

    Nothing as far as we know…email us? . Sometimes long comments get auto spammed, but we can usually find and rescue them. ~ Waylon.

  9. elephantjournal says:

    Sounds like you didn't watch the video…you seem to be agreeing.

  10. […] about a man calling his female friend “bitch” or “c*nt” instead of her […]

  11. yogasamurai says:

    Not at all, Way. She thinks it's empowering. I still think it's pejorative. It just implies something about the other person, that she probably isn't a pushover. Is it good that a woman's say, a "stubborn cunt," as opposed to, say, a "hopeless slut"? Well, if those are your only two choices, I guess.

  12. Nancy says:

    I loved the videos!

  13. How about in our choice of words, we can make a 'poor-choice' and a 'good+choice" and a 'better+choice"

    These words are becoming so common that they reflect poorly on those of us who use it,

    I don't believe in censorship and neither do you.

    Real censorship is not being able to say that homosexual pedofiles are destroying our society, or that radical-lesbian feminists have corrupted social programs to divide the sexes, and attack the family, as disguised sheep. The C word of censorship is alive and well in this world, according to people like Judy Rebick (her opinion was that lesbians were at the heart of the feminist movment even though they did not pursue their issues) and Gwen Landolt, President of Real Women, concerning the lesbian predator in women's centers.

    God forbid you say anything bad about certain groups. You can say bad things about The Catholic Church, but everyone else, well they are perfect.

    Yes the real problem is the C word, Censorship.

  14. The real probem is that instead of saying the person is irresponsible, obnoxious, selfish, etc, we use a term that really is negative and says or is used more to label the user.

    Perhaps we should be much more selective of our language.

  15. sordog1 says:

    Wonderful words from Germaine Greer. What a lovely, powerful person!

  16. Lexi says:

    In the UK, where I lived for several years in my 30s, the 'c' word is used much more frequently than b*tch and with far less malice. It is also applied to either of the genders. It took me awhile to stop throwing it around once I moved back to the States although I have to admit to a slightly perverse appreciation of it's shocking effects

    On their own, words are just that … words. It's the harmful spirit and/or intent with which we use them that makes them harmful.

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  19. […] I guess, the question I have is two-fold: how low do we stoop in our efforts to boost readership? And do you really think calling someone a c*nt sells? […]