Hey girl, Ryan Gosling Believes in Your Right to Choose.

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Mar 24, 2012
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Hey girl, Rush may think you’re a slut,


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and the Republicans may not care about your reproductive rights,

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But Reproductive Ryan Gosling does!

Photo: Tumblr

The Feminist Ryan Gosling was my favorite of these “Hey Girl” Gosling memes for awhile, but this may pull out in front as number one (pun completely intended).

{Check out Reproductive Ryan Gosling on Tumblr for the rest.}


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5 Responses to “Hey girl, Ryan Gosling Believes in Your Right to Choose.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    From Facebook:

    Kari O'Keefe It already WAS/IS affordable- especially in the area she was representing as her evidence for why she has the opinion she was called to speak on. While slut may have not been the right word, liar would've been more appropriate.
    3 hours ago · Like

    Leigh Manley It is about ACCESS to affordable birth control…. doesn't matter how affordable it is if you are DENIED ACCESS.
    3 hours ago · Unlike · 4

    elephantjournal.com Exactly Leigh Manley. Access is the issue. ~ Kate
    3 hours ago · Like · 1

    Llyn Gayatri Crounse the pill is poison.
    and is tested on animals.
    my advice is: tell the guy to bring condoms.
    you can access them at 7-11.
    if he doesn't, don't have sex with him.
    3 hours ago · Unlike · 3

    elephantjournal.com True! http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/08/whats-the-… ~ Kate
    2 hours ago · Like

    Victoria Vlach yep — time for social, cultural, and congressional denial to end
    2 hours ago · Like · 1

    Kari O'Keefe So Leigh, for instance, its a well reported fact that in the Georgetown area where this woman stated she could not afford birth control, Target provides birth control for those with no insurance for $9/month. Did you catch the part where its 9 bucks with NO INSURANCE? I call that access. I don't suppose all Georgetown students are living off of ramen noodles for which $9 would buy you your month supply of food.

    Planned Parenthoods are generally in undesirable areas, by design (of the founder). So stating that access is only available for those in more affluent areas is a misrepresentation of facts… if one dared to go there. Those would be for people for whom $9 meant no access to free or affordable. But… having had friends who used abortions as a means for birth control when they were young (we are no longer "young"), on public assistance, receiving the service for free. Heck, even Romney care offers them. Can't those who want everything for "free" go move to Massachusetts?
    about an hour ago · Like

    Catherine Nelson GeeZ Kari.. got much hate in ya? Keep plugged in to your propaganda machine of hate.. nice.. and if you mean undesirable area = poor area, you are right, duh.. not like rich doctors want to treat the poor.. puhleaze..
    26 minutes ago · Unlike · 2

  2. emarel says:

    i'm sure Ryan Gosling would not waste any of his time w/ this garbage. I hope one of his people will sue you for defamation !

  3. Hey there! I didn't create them and there are close to fifty different Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme tumblrs…he actually did a bit (I think on Conan?) about them with him reading them to show he has a sense of humor about it.

    Why would you assume he's anti-reproductive rights?

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