Hunting Ethics.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 19, 2012
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…Bring ’em back.

While I may not hunt, I do realize that there’s been a tradition of ethics to the hunt. That, as with adventure, the joy is in the path, not the goal alone:

From the video:

“This is Hunting? Really???!!!

This is what hunting has been reduced to. Fake hunters shooting birds that are literally thrown up in front of them. Watch these pitiful excuses for men. Listen to them laugh and chortle and make jokes about their victims. Welcome to hunting in the 21st century.”

From Reddit:

“This is not hunting, this is killing for sport.” ~ From a hunter. More from same comment:

“As an bird hunter, I find this extremely unethical, unsafe, and pointless. Do not be fooled, this is not hunting, this is killing for sport. Hunting is an activity that requires extensive use of resources, knowledge, and commitment. If you are too lazy to flush wild game on your own, you don’t deserve to hunt.”

Another comment:

“People like these guys get a high when taking a soul. Real hunters get a high from the hunt itself.”


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