March 30, 2012

Jon Stewart on Pink Slime—it’s (still) in your Burger.

How is it that our burger is 15% ammonia-spritzed “finely-textured beef”!?

Think this issue has gone away? Here’s just a few headlines of the 100s of headlines from today.

Beef consumers urged to reconsider ‘pink slime’

Pink Slime isn’t that different from other meat you eat

Pink slime” producer allows tour of plant to bolster image‎oducer allows tour of plant to bolster image

Governors urge consumers to rethink ‘pink slime

No ‘Pink Slime‘ Served in New Canaan School Meals


Okay, on to the main attraction:

“The Hunger Shame”

A whistleblower reveals that 70% of ground beef contains “pink slime,” which is the last thing Jon wants in his mulched-up cow corpse.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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