March 21, 2012

Jyotish Horoscopes for the week of March 19th 2012.

Transits for the week of March 19th  2012.

Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me on Facebook.

Surya (Sun) in Pisces.

Chandra (Moon) waning and transiting Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus. New moon in Pisces March 22nd

Mangal (Mars) in Leo, retrograde.

Guru (Jupiter) in Aries.

Shukra (Venus) in Aries.

Sani (Saturn) exalted in Libra, retrograde.

Budha (Mercury) in Pisces, debilitated and retrograde.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated.

Tuesday, March 20th, is the Vernal Equinox. Days are getting lighter and longer. Spring is in the air. This is a time of fertility, re-birthing and creating. Plant seeds of desire, start new projects, get creative! Give birth to a new identity, new possibilities, new adventures. Make life changes.

Aries: There are gains and losses this week. Chalk it up to restructuring. It may feel like life is moving in reverse, yet there are things to celebrate simultaneously. Throw a party for your Self anyway! You win some, you lose some, right?! Family, children and relationships are all-consuming right now. What are you learning? There are some old mental patterns coming to the surface right now. Have you noticed? Instead of pushing them away, take a deeper look below the surface. Use this time to clean up the past and areas of your life that are still shadowed. You will learn a lot about your Self in the process.

Taurus: Turn up the courage dial. Go from outer to inner. There’s a lot of love in your 12th house. This could be a good time to work from bed, work on your bed, or work in your bed. Make it juicy, but let there be a liberating factor with your efforts. Rekindle your life mantra now. Let the old ways fall away. The healing process you are going through requires letting go of some old patterns, practices and habits. This is a time of radical self-care in terms of health and longevity.

Gemini: Pontificate change. Allow your self to dream big. Dare to let your desires air themselves like dirty laundry on the line. Clean out the wax from your ears and listen for blue birds. What are your five year goals? Three year? One year? What would you do with your life if money was no issue? Think big. Then scream it from the top of the mountain. Allow your self to daydream. Work on liberating the mind.

Cancer: Dearest Cancer, what does the word “dharma” mean to you? Is it A) a great name for a mini series. B) The most righteous name for a canine companion. C) A path that allows you to offer your gifts and talents to the world. D) All of the above. Choose wisely and use your time wisely as well. At midnight you may turn back into a pumpkin. In the meantime, be boldly creative. It might just start something that sticks.

Leo: Last night while walking my dogs, I found a little snake coiled up on the path. It got so scared it started to hiss and almost looked like it might get a bit nasty! When fear gets in the way of our clarity, we react without thinking clearly. Don’t be the little, fearful, coiled snake. Instead, be the snake enjoying the darkness- relaxed, exploring and growing into its skin. Use your innate dynamism to cultivate new growth, new experiences and a deeper connection to transformation.

Virgo: Spring brings growth, a sense of re-birthing, abundance and a renewed zest for life. It also brings crazy weather patterns, torrential downpours, storm fronts and their aftermath. Do you have the right gear for the fluctuating weather? Here’s what you’ll need: A book on creating healthy relationships. The children’s songbook Free to Be You and Me. New galoshes for splashing in puddles. Nina Simone’s version of Here Comes the Sun. Rose-colored sunglasses. Words of advice: sip your tea slowly, open the windows and rearrange some furniture.

Libra: Who are your enemies? Who is the boogieman in your closet? Who have you not forgiven? There are some bad habits that are keeping you from finding a sense of liberation. It takes courage to face the demons, but it is essential in order to take in and assimilate true joy and peace in life. Create a new relationship with your Self and eventually this will help you relate to others. You are learning how to relate in new ways, bring this awareness back onto the Self!

Scorpio: Do a head check. Are you in need of an oil change? Grab the neti pot and clear out the microchannels. Your intuition is in a healing phase. You are refining the senses and honing in on your unique clairvoyance. Don’t get lost along the way. There may be more crying in public this week- chalk it up to the spring rains. You have some old woundologies to address head on. Be bold and gentle. Fierce and tender. Step into your comfort zones. Look after your animals and their needs.

Sagittarius: Is it possible to have a thriving career from the comfort of your home? If so, spend less time cleaning the royal throne and de-gooping the soap dispenser and instead turn your focus to a passionate endeavor that has been gathering dust for a decade. Is there a reason why that novel hasn’t been written, but all your shoes are put away neatly in rainbow order? Your mind is passionate right now and you are thirsty for more. Put this pink bubble phase to work and give it a little elbow grease. See this as a time to strengthen your foundation. Baby steps will be more profitable than leaps and bounds.

Capricorn: What just happened Capricorn?! Don’t let the phrase “Once bitten, twice shy” become your motto (and don’t join a hair band either). Banish that to the outer reaches of the galaxy! It’s time to muster up some courage here. Put on your scuba gear and get wet. It may feel like you don’t know who or what to trust right now. Wear your heart on your sleeve anyway, but wear some camouflage. You are discovering how to re-create your Self right now and how to make this an offering. Quit looking over your shoulder.

Aquarius: What does the word sustenance mean to you? A multi-layered sammie with all the fix-en’s? A family trust that meant you’d never have to work again? Relationships that make more sense and felt like a healing balm rather than a splinter? Or perhaps an intoxicating spiritual practice that helps you digest life more fully? Now’s the time to act passionately and creatively and boldly go where no Aquarian has dared to go before. It’s time to outgrow others’ stories and re-examine your own.

Pisces: It’s spring. Think of your life as a garden plot. What do you want to plant? What would a bountiful harvest look like to you? What is the magic within each seed that causes it to spring forth with life? All it takes is the right amount of sun, soil nutrients, water and tender, loving care to create a beautiful garden- oh, and a lot of hard work! Use some new tools to get your garden plot whipped into shape. Transcend the debts of the past and wake up renewed. There can be great healing right now, but it will require your action and perseverance.


Editor: Kate Bartolotta.

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