March 12, 2012

Practice May Not Make Us Perfect But It Sure Helps Us to Be Better. ~ Adri Kyser

Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to notice what is happening around us.

We forget that we need to slow down and appreciate what we have. We seem to look endlessly for ways to find joy, peace and health. Unfortunately, we try so hard during our quest that we loose sight of those very things we are looking for.

Brooke Kochel

This is nothing new. I am sure you have heard this a million times but my question to you is: then why do we need to be reminded of this so many freaking times? Because it is a matter or Practice, Practice and more Practice! Many of us give thanks for our loved ones and for the blessings in our lives everyday. We feel good about our daily practice of gratitude but somehow, between here and there, we get caught up in the illusion of separation, lack and fear.

People around the world are spending a fortune trying to find beauty, purpose, health, peace and so many more things outside themselves. It has become so easy to blame others for our pain, our lack of health, our money problems and so on that we forget that all we need is within us. It sounds easy, simple and even comical. I know. If someone is in huge debt how does looking within going to pay that debt you may ask? For starters, when we slow down and look within by meditating or by paying attention to our self-talk, our patterns and behavior, we can begin to see the things we do subconsciously to attract our current situation. If money problems are your issue, you can discover how your relationship with money, your feelings towards having it, etc, comes from and affects you.

If you ask anyone if they would rather be poor or rich almost 99% will say rich, but soon after they get money they loose or spend it all. Why? Because they only change a temporary situation but their thoughts, feelings and subconscious behavior have not. More on that later on a future post but for now do you get what I am trying to say?

Just to show that all yoga teachers are human and we are also practicing daily our own yoga path, I have been so busy that I have forgotten to slow down and pay attention on how my actions are affecting me and those around me. Today I was truly touched by an article one of my students wrote and published in Elephant Journal.

In her article, The Obituary of a Yogi: Life, Death & Yoga, my student writes about many relevant things that she is going through and has learned during the process, but she also talks about how my class that day helped her during a hard time in her life. This is what she wrote:

Master Teacher, Adri Kyser’s, theme and mantra for our practice was: “If not now, when?” Life is short. Too short, it seems sometimes. A good yoga teacher will bring that element of manifestation to your practice. Set your intention. Put some energy behind it. Then go out there and manifest it. If not now, when? I cried in savasana, seemingly appropriate being Corpse Pose. She placed one loving hand on my third eye chakra and one on my chest, bringing my aching heart and questioning mind together in balance with a “peace that passes all understanding.”

This reminded me of the gift we can all share.

It also reminded me of how we can touch someone’s life and can make a difference without us ever knowing. I am grateful that my student gave me this gift. How many times a thank you, a smile, a hug, a comment has meant the world to you and the giver never knew of its impact? It is my hope that you have experienced this many times in your life as the receiver and as the giver. If anyone has made a difference in your life take a moment to give thanks for their gift.

The other side of the coin also affects us.

That is when our actions, thoughts and behavior affect others in a negative way. How many times have you or someone you know been affected by negative behavior? Maybe one day you where minding your own business when your co-worker lashed out at you hurting your feelings. Then you found out he had been having problems and his negative emotions affected you in a negative way.

So next time you are in bad mood and get behind the wheel, don’t cut some one off! Remember how your actions can affect others.

It is a gift to be able to be present and mindful of your thoughts, words and actions; do what you love and help others in the process. Sure it is nice to be recognized for your efforts and good deeds but if you don’t that is okay too. Whatever you do, do it because it makes you happy, because you love it and because if you feel good others around you also will. Don’t lose focus and know that the universe is paying attention.

If Not Now, When?


Editor: Tanya L. Markul

Adri Kyser E-RYT 500 is a Vinyasa, Prana Flow yoga teacher, and Power Pilates instructor. Adri’s classes are fun, dynamic and inspiring. During her classes, she invites you to surrender and let go of inhibitions allowing you to find your natural and innate flow, transforming your practice from a state of doing into a state of being.

In addition, Adri is a contributor for Origin Magazine, YogaVibes,Yogitunes, and Learn it Live.

You can find Adri sharing her passion for yoga by leading master classes, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats in the Dallas area and abroad. For more information please visit here



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