March 26, 2012

Stop Manifesting and Start Working. ~ Michele Paiva

New Age philosophies could be holding you back.

You probably know at least one person who believes that if they sit around and think hard enough they will surround themselves with riches and love.

These are also the same people who feel that when bad things happen—in some way—the bitter and passive-aggressive gods are simply teaching them a lesson. All the people who died horrible deaths and were oppressed or tortured “needed” to have that experience.

Really? Maybe. Probably not.

As someone who has been in the wellness world over two decades I have, as they say, “seen it all”. I’ve seen people with true gifts who are humble and work hard, and I’ve seen a multitude more imposters.

The imposters are usually easy to find. They are the ones who talk about their special gifts, and wear clothing and jewelry that they feel separates them from others, usually they don’t have a pot to piss in, yet they give advice about how to run your life while theirs is falling apart.

There are no problems with energy and manifesting, and I like the theory, but the theory of work is more realistic. To me, manifesting a life you want, or focusing on the Laws of Attraction are as whimsical as some religions and fairytale dreams. You can have all the power of positive thinking that you want, but unless you get off your tush, you are just going to be a pauper.

If you want—and this is the focus of this little prose—if you want success you have to act like a successful person. Steve Jobs didn’t sit around and meditate his way to success, he went to work. He may have meditated but he also worked very hard, gave himself goals, and was responsible. You can do the same thing.

I’m all for whatever floats your boat—from prayer to one God to chanting Sanskrit—but if you are looking for any of these rituals to create your life for you, you’ve taken a very passive approach to living.

Think about what is really holding you back from your goals if this sounds like you—you know, deep and enlightened and wanting to make money teaching mediation, but really not leaving Starbucks all day, surfing the net in search of the next perfect positive affirmation.

I have an affirmation for you: get up and get a job! Be a part of the energy exchange of life, be a part of society, humble yourself, interact and take responsibility while you carve your spiritual goals as well, so that you can not only manifest your goals, but put those thoughts to action.

What do you think? Is manifesting enough for you? Is hard work equating to success a myth? Your thoughts?


Editor: Jennifer Cusano

Michele Paiva, E-RYT, Hypnotherapist and wellness warrior, is an author, yogi and national instructor & presenter. She lives with an ill-behaved yet well-dressed Chihuahua.
You can find her online at her website or on facebook.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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