Suzanne Rae’s Subtle Green Styles at New York Fashion Week.

Via Starre Vartan
on Mar 4, 2012
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Suzanne Rae has been creating some pretty glorious eco fashions for a few seasons now, and we can’t seem to stop writing about her:

See last year’s F/W collection here

Check out the Eco Chick exclusive photo shoot featuring her designs here

Watch her gorgeous S/S 12 video by Alexandra Roxo here

Her latest collection, shown yesterday at the Box in Lincoln Center as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, was “..inspired by the eternal revolution channeling the spirits of Jim Morrison, Aldous Huxley, and William Blake,” according to the show notes. So our greatest rock ‘n roll poet, a mind-as-world author and poet, and mystical Romantic poet? Beauty described via detail and repeated elements would not be an improper way to describe Suzanne Rae’s collection.

While some of the pieces shown were every-woman-wearable, others, like the dress above, were what I like to think of as ‘dress up clothes’ because they remind me of those that are fun to dream about (and show us the designer’s imagination and themes) but aren’t something that seems terribly practical. Then again, maybe what we wear needn’t always be practical! Bring back the peplum and the cape!

All photos by Starre Vartan

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