April 11, 2022—Monsanto Saves the World!

Via Joe Mohr
on Apr 10, 2012
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Above: A Humorous Look at Monsanto’s Future.
Below: A Scary Look at Monsanto’s Past.

(Sources and much more info, linked below this text).

It’s apparent that all of the Monsanto endeavors I chose to highlight here, rode the same wave of public opinion. In regards to nuclear weapons, DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange and aspartame the talking point was that each was beneficial in some way to America/Americans. It wasn’t until time (life’s best teacher) taught us that these were all highly toxic and deadly endeavors with the same two outcomes. People got sick/died and Monsanto got rich.

I am confident that GMOs will (eventually) follow suit.

Regarding why Monsanto would falsify cancer research which delayed the ban of PCB’s for years—Monsanto’s PCB monopoly had been netting them $22 million dollars a year. This is a chemical company making decisions to increase profit, not “help the world” or “feed the world” or “help farmers” or “help communities” or “be sustainable” or…

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Support LabelGMO’s campaign to label GMOs in our food.
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More info on Monsanto’s past, present, and future (sources for the infographic):

From Sourcewatch (and ALEC Exposed):
Monsanto company profile
Monsanto’s Global Pollution Legacy
Monsanto and the Campaign to Undermine Organics
From the Organic Consumer Association:
Agribusiness, Biotechnology and War
SOS Campaign (Safeguard Organic Standards)
From Sierra Club: CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE (Monsanto’s PCB cover up)
From PublicIntegrity.org: The Superfund document (pdf) sited in the infographic
From Cornucopia Institute: Take action to safeguard organic standards
…Oh, I almost forgot this from Grist: (Monsanto’s) Roundup weed killer is showing up in air and water
Awesome! No weeds in my lungs, EVER!


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