Are You Dating Someone Who’s Married to Their Job? ~ Stephanie Bailey

Via Stephanie Bailey
on Apr 23, 2012
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When you date someone who is married to their job, nothing comes before work.

This is a person who will go to work early, stay late and work every weekend. Someone who’s married to their job is so devoted to their job that making room for someone else is not a priority.

People who are married to their job will, once in a while, get glimpses of being lonely. When this does happen, the desire to want to be in a relationship radiates so strongly that if you meet someone who’s married to their job you wouldn’t be fully aware how important their job really is.

Someone who’s married to their job will convince themselves (and you) that they want and actually will make time for a relationship. The problem: old habits are hard to break and for this person, seemingly impossible.

This type of person will ask you to be understanding and patient—a lot! They will string you along by telling you that their schedule will lighten up, creating more available time to spend with you. Who doesn’t like a glimpse of hope to hang on to, especially if you really like someone? Unfortunately, spending more time together rarely happens.

After a month or maybe as long as three, hearing someone who’s married to their job consistently singing the same “Be patient” lyrics is a song that gets old.

A person who’s married to their job will cancel plans with you last minute and move “normal” dinner date times (5:30/6:30pm) to late date times (8/9pm) because they are stuck at work. This person is not only completely mentally drained, but also half asleep during your late date …finding it difficult to be fully present.

Being with someone who’s motivated and driven to be successful can be great, but it will come between relationships.

Often when people put their careers before their significant other, it’s an indication that they are emotionally unavailable, using their job to “hide behind” in order to avoid getting emotionally attached to anyone. Someone who’s married to their job would rarely admit or take ownership of their lack of availability because they aren’t fully aware of their emotional detachment toward you.

Everyone can “be busy.”

When you care about someone, you will figure out a way to make time for them.

Bottom line: it’s better to be with someone who works to live not lives to work. At the end of the day you should want to be with someone who’s wrapped around you versus wrapped around their job.




About Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey’s passion is writing about love, dating, and relationships. Stephanie writes based on her own personal experiences because she has dated a variety of men throughout her life…probably too many to admit. She finds it therapeutic and helpful to share what she experienced with the world. Although dating can be frustrating at times, she believes that it is important to remember that each date is a lesson in itself. Through best (and worst) relationships, the most ideal characteristics desired in a significant other are realized.

Although Stephanie’s experiences may not connect with everyone, her intention is not to give dating/relationships a negative connotation. The purpose of her articles and book are to give honest insight, touch a few hearts, produce some giggles, and empower those when it comes to finding love. Her articles can also be found here.


5 Responses to “Are You Dating Someone Who’s Married to Their Job? ~ Stephanie Bailey”

  1. Anon says:

    What a load of sensationalist crap. What if the person is doing it to keep their job? To provide for their family? Keep this type of content to the glam grey mags you get on dentist waiting tables!

  2. […] nature that desire has when combined with the “just out of reach” nature of the “unavailable player.” That’s why we keep going back, right? To finally snag that elusive thing that will […]

  3. anonymous says:

    Married to their job or simply passionate about the work they do? This may be the most poorly written, one sided article I have read in ages.

    I personally choose to work long, hard, grueling hours as an artistic entrepreneur doing what I love rather than be a slave to 9-5 corporate bs that allows me a free nights and weekends I'm exchange for boredom, monotony and a pitiful paycheck. You bet its lonely but I would rather be true to me and wait to meet someone who appreciates my dedication and perseverance.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    I agree generally, but no need to be rude. I'm married to my work, btw. 🙂