Getting Schooled in Kundalini Yoga at Sat Nam Fest. {Podcasts}

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on Apr 14, 2012
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Home Sweet Home: The Buzz Bus at Sunrise at Sat Nam Fest

From chunis to Adi Shakti, entering the Aquarian Age and just plain keeping up, Kundalini Yoga, from the outside, can seem to some an intimitating style of yoga only for people who want to wear white and wake up at 4am each morning.

Where is My Guru rolled up at Sat Nam Fest at Joshua Tree Retreat Center on The Buzz Bus to take in four full days of Wahe Guru, Sadhana and remembering to wear white underwear.

We have four amazing thirty minute podcasts with teachers and leaders in the Kundalini Yoga Community. We broadcasted live from the desert from the Buzz Bus.

Coach Kaur a.k.a. Ram-Shizzle* on the right (she looks pretty official, right?)

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a coach. In this case, a Kundalini Coach. Enter Ramdesh Kaur, Marketing and Communications Director for Spirit Voyage and host of the Spirit Voyage Radio Show. She gave us the 411 on some Kundalini Basics in this podcast and answers questions like—what is up with the hats? Long flowing veils? Why do you say Sat Nam and Wahe Guru all the time? And can’t I just get up at 6am and meditate (4 am seems really early)?

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Jai Jagdeesh singing sweet mantras at Sat Nam Fest.

Next, you have Coach Kaur introduce you to someone who can help out with making sure you are pronouncing all of the words correctly. Especially people’s names. The beautiful Jai Jagdeesh joins us in this podcast where she walks us through correct way to say several words commonly shared in the Kundalini Yoga Tradition. Learn how to pronounce Sat Nam, Har and Wahe Guru and never feel uncomfortable at a Kundalini dinner party again. Jai Jagdeesh is also leading the 40-Day Global Sadhana with Spirit Voyage. Over 11,000 people all over the world are participating in this practice. Jai Jagdeesh is also lovingly known as Lady Jai Jai.*

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Harnam Singh leading with a fearless heart.

Thankfully, Coach Kaur has been in charge of scheduling all of the interviews. She feeds me—I just sit on the airstream and wait. Our next podcast is with Harnam Singh. Harnam walked into the airstream about two minutes before we went on air and we had never met. But, you know…we are both pros and we are all connected anyway, right? Harnam shared his path, his practice (which includes bound lotus folks) his new CD, A Fearless Heart and his thoughts on “What’s Next?” Listen and find out.

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GuruGanesha Singh, Michelle Hurtado and I

It was an absolute treat to sit with the founder of Spirit Voyage, GuruGanesha Singh and the lead female vocalist in his band, the very beautiful Michelle Hurtado. Snatam Kaur called GuruGanesha the “Master of Fun” during her live concert. I was completely inspired by his story of going from a rock-n-roll love child of the 60’s to meeting Yogi Bhajan and  choosing a different life. Michelle’s firey yet soft presence combined with  smart and clear insight into how the practices of Kundalini have transformed her life sealed the deal with me that this young woman will make a splash on any scene. From mindful business practices to living in the Aquarian Age, this was one of my favorite Where is My Guru interviews yet.

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Stay tuned for more coverage from Sat Nam Fest! Where is My Guru is proud to be a media sponsor for Sat Nam Fest and would like to thank Ramdesh Kaur and Spirit Voyage for the opportunity to be here with The Buzz Bus and also for scheduling all of the interviews with the teachers, artists and musicians.

Just remember—no matter the path, all you need is…

All photos taken by Guru Photog, Carl Kerridge.

*Where is My Guru gives out spiritual names in exchange for macaroni and cheese.



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