April 27, 2012

My favorite addictive songs of your week of my month of our year.

I work online. A lot. For some of it, it can help to have music. Usually, silence is preferable–the clinking of cups, the rustle of a tree, the chatter and quiet music of a cafe. I prefer not to fill the space–to hear real life, to be focused on my work.

But, sometimes, music helps. It gets me in the mood—whether it’s sweet, elegant, aggressive, silly, cliche, unknown…here’s the list I actually use when I need to get into the flow. Note: most are light on lyrics, as I’m writing words and the two don’t often work well together.

Self Control:

Stevie Nicks Edge of Seventeen:

Chemical Brothers Galvanize:

Emma Queen Bee:

Busker on Pearl:

Heatwave! Motown:

We have all the time in the world:

You don’t own me:

Things West Coast Coconut Records: I miss you I’m going back home to the west coast put yourself in my suitcase:

High School, Susannah, Waterboys!

Fame! Splits in the air in old school NYC!

Another Fame:

Here we go:


Dancing in a basement at Kalapa Assembly in Canada:

All my troubles seemed so far away:

Let it be:

One of the greatest live recordings: worth actually watching, especially as they get mobbed…Heyyyy Jude.


All I ever wanted all I ever needed is here in my arms:

I’m taking a ride with my best friend:

And do you feel scared I do:


Old Man River:

And this world’s for you:

Passion! Danger! Roxanne!

It’s invention, not edition.




Godzilla Medley:

Succession theme:

Yellowstone theme:

Annie’s Song:




May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true You walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home Mornie utulie (Darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way Mornie alantie (Darkness has fallen) A promise lives within you now May it be the shadow’s call Will fly away May it be you journey on To light the day When the night is overcome You may rise to find the sun Mornie utulie (Darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way Mornie alantie (Darkness has fallen) A promise lives within you now A promise lives within you now

Reminds me of high school:

Reminds me a bit of my Sun Camp days (the call and response and uniforms):

Heartbreakingly powerful. Read the lyrics:




Vikings/Fever Ray:










Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth For Christ Choir – Nobody Knows:

Always, this:

Featured in Things, long one of my favorite simple ballads:


From Her:

Let the world call me a fool:


White flag! Burn it!

Similar, the Staves:


Take my hand…

…Take my whole…life…too…

Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh:

I was cautioned to surrender…this I could not do.

My high school graduation song: rocking on the stage of Chapel.

A beautiful song about the human spirit: NSFW

About a minute in it happens:

OMG I just realized I forgot about my secret love for Enya for 10 years:



My mom used to listen to these:




Congrats, Ennio!

I’m a fan of the Corries’ version, but when the whole stadium joins in:


A song I’d like to get married to:

Update bonuses:


Awesomely Manly Canadians singing sadly in a kitchen.

OoooooOOOoooooh ooooh:

The Best Song you’ll listen to too many times since the last Best Song you listened to too many times. 

Update: A classic. It’s a Com-pet-it-ive World Blaun, blaung:


Update: got a new one for you, just heard in Innisfree, one of two or three poetry bookstores in the whole of the US. First Aid Kit:




I don’t listen to much music. I go to a few shows, and festivals…but my job (which I do all the time) is writing, and personally speaking, when it comes to listening to music while writing, less is more. I love classical, and jazz, and anything without lyrics. Taste-wise, I’m a second-tier hipster—I get into things after all the cool kids get into ’em. I like Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, I love singing Elvis, Dean Martin, I love Maria Callas, I like a lot of folkster stuff, I like me some dance stuff and hip hop stuff…whatever comes up.

So over the last year I wind up just listening to things I blog, or that I run across. Occasionally, when I’m desperate for some auditory romance, I ask a few friends including Anna Brones for a few fresh tunes. But mostly it’s just a random mix of youtube stuff that I listen to again and again for a week and then forget about entirely.

So I figured to collect all the random aural affairs in one place. Here. I’ll add more all the time.



I’ll add others as I remember them.


Sorry for adding so many videos, but this is a layering effect of years of motivating songs for writing and sharing on social media.

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