My favorite addictive songs of your week of my month of our year.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 26, 2012
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Featured in Things, long one of my favorite simple ballads:


From Her:

Let the world call me a fool:

White flag! Burn it!

Similar, the Staves:


Take my hand…

…Take my whole…life…too…

Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh:

I was cautioned to surrender…this I could not do.

My high school graduation song: rocking on the stage of Chapel.

A beautiful song about the human spirit: NSFW

About a minute in it happens:

OMG I just realized I forgot about my secret love for Enya for 10 years:


My mom used to listen to these:



Congrats, Ennio!

I’m a fan of the Corries’ version, but when the whole stadium joins in:

A song I’d like to get married to:

Update bonuses:


Awesomely Manly Canadians singing sadly in a kitchen.

OoooooOOOoooooh ooooh:

The Best Song you’ll listen to too many times since the last Best Song you listened to too many times. 

Update: A classic. It’s a Com-pet-it-ive World Blaun, blaung:


Update: got a new one for you, just heard in Innisfree, one of two or three poetry bookstores in the whole of the US. First Aid Kit:




I don’t listen to much music. I go to a few shows, and festivals…but my job (which I do all the time) is writing, and personally speaking, when it comes to listening to music while writing, less is more. I love classical, and jazz, and anything without lyrics. Taste-wise, I’m a second-tier hipster—I get into things after all the cool kids get into ’em. I like Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, I love singing Elvis, Dean Martin, I love Maria Callas, I like a lot of folkster stuff, I like me some dance stuff and hip hop stuff…whatever comes up.

So over the last year I wind up just listening to things I blog, or that I run across. Occasionally, when I’m desperate for some auditory romance, I ask a few friends including Anna Brones for a few fresh tunes. But mostly it’s just a random mix of youtube stuff that I listen to again and again for a week and then forget about entirely.

So I figured to collect all the random aural affairs in one place. Here. I’ll add more all the time.


I’ll add others as I remember them.


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  1. Carol says:

    i recently discovered “Glorious” by Mamuse on their All The Way album. Beautiful harmonies….reminiscent of old ‘call and respond’ gospel. Try it.

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