April 2, 2012

Simple Inspirations. ~ Sheila Singh

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I was busily working most of the day. Finally, toward the early evening, I stepped outside for a little reprieve.

Though the idea of jogging and getting some physical fitness in was enticing, a walk was what I needed. I wanted to slow down enough to take notice of everything around me. It’s easy to use down time as an opportunity to just get more in. More exercise, more yoga, more of whatever else it is my mind and body seek. But today I resisted.

I went for a nice leisurely walk around my neighborhood. The sun was strong, bathing me in its warmth. Everything around me seemed lush and green from all the rain we have had.

Nature was alive and vibrant.

As I walked, it was nice to exchange the occasional kind smile with a neighbor. It was invigorating to smell the scent of freshly cut grass, to hear the sounds of the dogs barking as they sensed me approaching.

I made it back to my house and decided to sit on our deck which overlooks a green belt. I took a few deep breaths, opened my eyes and just watched.

The sun still beautiful and radiant. A few scatterings of blue bonnets adding sweet texture within the fields of green. The leaves upon the trees looked fresh and reborn. The wind gently caressing the trees.The roots remained strong and steady while the branches playfully danced within the current of the wind. Grounded, yet fluid.

In so many ways, nature embodies wisdom. It is all around us. We just have to take the time to see it, to feel it, to hear it.

Sure I love my practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation. But every now and then, I hope to remember to simply go outside to draw back in.

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” ~ John Muir


Sheila is inspired by many traditions of yoga and sees her yoga mat as a place for her to let go and drop into her body and mind and ultimately open into spirit.  She hopes to hold a space for students to do the same.  Sheila views the practice as a mindful dance between breath, movement and drishti.  Sheila loves that yoga is truly a philosophy on how to lead your life with a greater sense of awareness and intention.  It goes beyond the physical practice and helps to guide practitioners in every aspect of life.  For Sheila, her yoga practice has enabled her to remain true to herself and embody a deep sense of awareness, acceptance and love through everything that life brings her way.Most importantly Sheila continues to be a student and is inspired by the wonderful community of teachers in Austin.  When she is not practicing yoga, Sheila loves spending time with her two girls, her husband and beautiful circle of friends. www.sheilasingh.com


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