The Courage of Suffering.

Via Joshua Plant
on Apr 30, 2012
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Life, in its unobserved state, is suffering; so too is happiness, sadness, death, and love.

However it is within our willingness to experience life through the eyes of the observer that we see that suffering is not only self-inflicted, but unrelated to our direct experience.

When we are deeply happy, our mind is a blank slate, there is nothing but the sensations of the present moment enveloping us. We are writing our experience feeling by feeling, moment by moment. Like seeing the ocean for the first time, you stand in awe, in complete oneness with that simple moment.

Rarely do we stay in this pristine state of experience, quite quickly actually, we start to add on baggage from our past or how we perceive the future may turn out. This is the result of our continuous search for happiness/contentment and freedom from pain. The more we run from our discomfort, the more we focus on it; and what we focus on grows.

Seed: the next time you feel a sense of unhappiness, rather than avoiding it with whatever means possible, lean into it. Ask yourself, “can I touch the center of my pain?” If you observe your pain rather than being overwhelmed by it, you will soon see that pain is part of your overall experience, not the experience itself. It is our fear of feeling the very things that pain us that makes the experience of them feel so much worse and unbearable.

Being able to sit with our discomfort without resistance or judgement, opens us to the totality of this moment; wherein the seeds of courage are planted.


About Joshua Plant

Joshua Plant is nothing. His reality is nothingness, and because he has inhabited this space, this void, he is empowered. While wearing the hat of a meditator, entrepreneur, chef, PR guy, social media junkie, producer, yogi, quote lover, blogger & artist: he pays his bills doing PR; notwithstanding, his true calling extends far beyond the boundaries of his employment. / His blog entitled, Planting Wisdom, is dedicated to planting seeds of wisdom through enlightened writings, quotes, photos and mindfulness techniques all aimed to create a happier world. / Joshua is a foodie with an insane tongue that requires him to leap from place to place, country to country (planet to planet??) in search of new flavors and succulent nibbles! He puts his nose into everything work-wise, and just about everything else, he wants to get a sense of the notes that compose everything. One could suppose this is why he does not sleep, it is like a symphony of ideas, scents, and glitter dancing around his head twenty-four hours a day.


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  2. Denis says:

    I agree. Many masters throughout the ages went to the extent of talking about human suffering as a great tool for ones spiritual growth.

    On the other hand it is unfortunate no?! Having the necessary intelligence to do so without suffering, but…unless we get pricked hard, we won’t look at our lives, isn’t that the case with most of us? Pain is a great tool!

    Thanks Josh!

  3. JoshMPlant says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. JoshMPlant says:

    Thank you for your kind response!

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  6. heather grimes says:

    This is a gorgeous article, thanks so much.