Three Strategies to Develop Social Content for Your Yoga Studio.

Via Jamie Ginsberg
on May 2, 2012
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As yoga teachers and studios use Facebook more, we are seeing a black hole of quality engaging content.

The core of the issue is we have to move beyond quotes to inspire people to share content and educate our community. The most commonly used term is “Social Media.” For “Social,” think about the white picket fence and neighbors chatting about the latest news. This is how information was exchanged in the past. Today we talk on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—but what sparks the conversation? For “Media,” think photos, videos, audio, and, of course text. This is the content we actually share.

Below are 3 tips on how you can quickly and easily create Social Media.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball.

1) Instagram—This mobile app is the secret to making your iPhone or Android photos cool. The presets are easy to use and make cool photos like the picture above of Manduka‘s Peter Sterios in Head Stand at the White House. It will take you five minutes to download and figure out how to use Instagram, connect your Facebook account and follow all of your friends on Facebook. You can even post directly to a page from Instagram, or edit photos on your phone in Instagram and upload them later. This is the easiest and fastest way to start capturing moments and sharing them in an engaging and interesting way!

2) Video—Put that smart phone to work people! You can use the basic video application on your phone, just follow these tips. Keep the phone steady!!! Follow the rule of thirds for composition. Do your best to get good audio (too much ambient noise is painful). Start making short one minute videos teaching people about your content, whether that is yoga, meditation, veganisim or cooking! You can create simple videos that share your knowledge. Look at the example below from Dave Romanelli.

3) Write—We all need to write more. The information we keep in our heads loses value; the information we write down becomes fine tuned, ready to share and educate the next person. Start with your journal or iPad or phone. How can you share your content? Blog, Facebook Notes or maybe become a writer for Elephant Journal. Whatever you do, make it a habit to write every single day!

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About Jamie Ginsberg

Jamie Ginsberg is a yoga teacher and the co-founder of Marin Power Yoga. He is a technology and education evangelist focused on using the social web to increase interaction and engagement. Jamie is a yogi (200 hour teacher training at Cleveland Yoga and Level 1 & Level 2 with Baron Baptiste) and has shot and produced videos and photography for Baron Baptiste, Yoga Journal Conferences and yoga studios across the United States. Jamie’s expertise is a rare blend of creative, business, legal and technology. Jamie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the The University of Michigan and a Juris Doctorate from The Cleveland-Marshall School of Law. Link to Jamie here and like him on Facebook.


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